Three of my favourite words I’ve ever strung together:
Simplicity Brings Significance

Simplicity brings significance.…. It’s the forehead kisses. It’s the bubble baths. It’s a good belly laugh. It’s a good playlist. It’s the adventure to a coffee shop on a rainy day. It’s the endorphins after a workout. It’s crawling into a bed with freshly washed sheets. It’s a tan. It’s the road trips. It’s the first bite of a delicious meal when you’re so hungry. It’s the candlelight. It’s the moment you finally get to give a gift you know the person is going to love. It’s looking at your significant other and just thinking how happy you are to have them. It’s getting your hair done. It’s nature. It’s a home cooked meal from mom. It’s having simple make-up. It’s the smell of coffee in the am. It’s going to the farmers market. It’s coming home to your own bed after a long trip away. It’s a perfectly chewy cookie. It’s knowing you have X amount of days off ahead of you. It’s the sense of accomplishment. It’s the perfect tousled + effortless hair-do. It’s camping. It’s an unexpected genuine compliment. It’s the feeling of butterflies before a date. It’s a clean house,. It’s feeling a sense of joy and smiling for no reason at all. It’s crossing off your lengthy to-do list after a productive day. ⠀

I’m know you can think of a million more little things that make you smile, that energize you, that make you flutter, that make you excited. These are the little things in life to cherish.

It’s not the big house. It’s not the extravagant vacation. It’s not the boujee car you drive. It’s not the stuffed full closet of designer labels. It’s not the twenty-eight different colours of YSL lipsticks that you have. It’s not the three different Harleys you have in your garage. It’s not the number of throw pillows on your bed. It’s not the things you would think to be the ones that bring continuous significance to your life. Those are the shiny things that wear off after while.

Focus on the special little things that mean the most and I promise you will become happier because these kinds of things happen daily. And focusing on the things that bring you joy daily, will lead to happiness and significance.

Much love xx