No-Bake Chickpea, Choco Blondies 💁🏼‍♀️


•1 can unsalted chickpeas, rinsed
•1/2 cup oats
•1 cup pitted dates **note: if they are not medjool dates, soak the ones you’ve got in hot water for about 7 minutes to soften
•1 tbsp nut butter
•1 tbsp maca powder (**optional. This is just a superfood, helps balance hormones and gives things a nutty flava)
•1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
•1 tsp pink sea salt
•1 tbsp honey or maple syrup

chocolate topping:
•1/2 cup dark choco chips
•1/4 cup plant mylk of choice
•sprinkle of sea salt + shredded coconut

Do this, do that…..

1.) process all blondie ingredients in a food processor (I use a Ninja and it’s been well loved for years and still holds up like it’s new!)
2.) place & press the batter into a dish of choice (I used a big lasagna dish to make thinner pieces)
3.) melt the choco + mylk in a pot over low heat until smooth
4.) pour chocolate over your pressed batter and tilt dish until evenly distributed
5.) sprinkle some sea salt + shredded coconut on top
6.) place in fridge for a few hours and then enjoy!

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