I deleted instagram just over a month ago. Just over a month ago was when I started truly began realizing how encompassing social media is to the brain and to life. It is life sucking, energy draining, mentally exhausting and makes your mind play the silliest games on you. I didn’t realize how much I used it when I had some spare moments and I didn’t realize the impact it had on my life. I’m embarrassed to say that but I’m sharing this to hopefully open some eyes out there because I know for a fact I’m not the only one and I know there people who literally are addicted to it.

You find yourself aimlessly scrolling, not even paying attention to what you are scrolling through…

Do you ever feel like your life is not good enough, you are not doing well enough and you aren’t good enough? You feel pressure to get the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect bank account, the perfect body, the perfect partner. That is because, consciously + subconsciously, you are comparing yourself to what you see on social media and through the constant happy lenses of other peoples lives.
They will rarely post the sad moments.
They will rarely post the break-ups.
They will rarely post the money debt.
They will rarely post the mental issues they have with themselves.
They will rarely post the anxiety they deal with.
They will rarely post the fight they just had with their loved one.
They will rarely post the negative self-talk they have with themselves on the daily.
They will rarely post the bad, hard, vulnerable moments in life.

And please know that smiles are easy to fake for the second it takes to snap a pic and I assure you, more than not, people are hiding a lot more than you may think behind that “smile” while posing in-front of some extravagant building or on some beautiful beach with a million people.

Now, I understand why people mainly post only their happy moments––because they want to save, share, and focus on the happy moments. I get that. And I may get restart mine up in the future to do just that. But right now…I’m good without it.

Let me tell you, within this month and a bit I’ve taken guitar lessons, learned two songs that I practice regularly now, read four books, have been less hard on myself for where I’m at in life, have been having more meaningful “me” time, I definitely treat myself better, I started teaching myself calligraphy, I’ve truly felt more present in each moment, enjoyed some good cheesy movies + interesting documentaries, and I’m starting pottery this week!

And without being on my phone in all the spare moments, whether it be waiting in a line-up, sitting at a coffee shop or waiting for an appointment I’ve come to realize how many people are sucked into the social media world seeing all heads down staring at their phones.

These days people get so weirded out if you walk by them on the sidewalk and say a friendly hello. That’s sad. You miss the genuine conversations and special connections you can make with your friends in the lunch room or strangers in the waiting room because you’re busy scrolling through complete strangers lives. People who you probably will never even meet. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to connect in person right then + there with someone.

So, I challenge you to simply take a break or be just more mindful of your use. It truly can be like a drug to some. But you’ll begin to notice the real world, the real stuff that matters and you’ll notice a real change of how you view yourself and where you’re at in life.

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