This is to my friends in their late teens and early twenties. This one is for you and these are words I wish I knew back then. I mean, I’m only 26 but goodness! you learn a lot in a handful of wild years and I so wish I knew these things when I was your age.

I say this all with love and honesty…

♥︎ you will never wish you had spent more time on your phone
♥︎ pay attention and be fully present to the relationships your create and the living your living each and every day.
♥︎ start. saving. money –– ASAP.
♥︎ teach yourself about nutrition but do not get too engulfed in it. Allow yourself to have a cookie… or twelve scoops of almond butter (that’s just me saying that to make it sound okay to do. Maybe not twelve… But definitely have the cookie). But do be sure to always nourish your body and learn a healthy balance as that is one of your most important responsibilities in life that will reward you greatly day-to-day. Don’t take this lightly.
♥︎ simplicity brings significance to life.
♥︎ plan to buy your own apartment/home by the time you’re around 25. You’ll thank me for this when you make your first purchase and you’re paying your own mortgage rather than paying some randoms mortgage with your rent money.
♥︎ don’t become obsessed with social media. Live your own life. Maybe don’t even have any platforms. And if you do, try to experience life without them––you’ll see a wild, miraculous change.
♥︎travel, travel, travel. This doesn’t have to be huge trips. A small road trip can do a lot for the soul and includes many smiles along the way.
♥︎ find confidence in fully being yourself. Being able to feel comfortable with no make-up and allowing your own personality to shine through. Make-up dims true confidence. Play with it, allow it to accent your features but be sure to be happy with that bare-faced beauty you see in the mirror each morning after waking up.
♥︎ take all the classes you’re interested. Whether that be in school or music or arts or drama or taekwando. Try it all and you’ll see what fuels your creative fire. And don’t be afraid to do these things alone.
♥︎ …that brings me to my next point. Don’t be afraid of being alone. Twenties are your time to figure you out and to learn. You don’t need to be dependent on someone. You’re independence is what will show you what kind of person you are and reveal your true beliefs and wants. Take your time with relationships.
♥︎ learn meditation, journalling, and read all of the books.
♥︎ I know many people say money isn’t suppose to be a big thing in life but I promise you, if you take the time and you’re smart with it when you’re younger, you’re going to be much happier, proud and free when you’re 26. So again, save. Utilize the time you live at your parents or a cheap place to stash away money for your future and your future fun.
♥︎ your twenties are pretty much your “get out of jail free card” years for many things (within reason…). So fail fast, fail forward and make failure your friend.
♥︎practice gratitude. It truly is life changing when it comes to perspectives in life.
♥︎ this is so much easier said than done but…don’t compare your life, your body, your hair, your personality, your smile, your bank account, your job, your anything to anyone else. You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of their life, their mind, their thoughts, their family, their job, their anything. Just focus on you and pave your own path while not being distracted and wasting time focusing on what others are doing or being.
♥︎ stretch all the time so your muscles don’t become tight… coming from the girl who pretty well cries of pain every time she attempts to touch her toes. So, yes, take it from me…stretch.
♥︎ stay close to your family or people who feel like family to you. Make sure you let them know you care and appreciate every ounce of their being.
♥︎ if you’re not happy… you’re one decision away from changing that. Make that change.
♥︎ learn to believe in yourself. I say “learn” because it is not an easy thing to do. But when really given the time and focus to try your best, to think the best thoughts, to work hard on what you want…with time, you will start to feel confidence mustering up and belief running through your mind. That is when the magic starts to happen, baby.
♥︎ look at the people you are surrounding yourself with. Do they inspire you? Are they supporting you? Are they making you feel good about yourself? Are they pushing you to be the best you possible? Are they telling you the things you may not want to hear but you need to hear? Are they giving you suggestions, assistance, guidance with anything they can help with? Are they the ones you wish to learn from? Quality of friends over quantity of friends will make the world of a difference.
♥︎ get in the habit of flossing (I still suck at this, ugh).
♥︎ sweat. Workout any way you enjoy. Get those marvellous endorphins runnin’ through your body as often as possible. This is the free healthy + happy drug.
♥︎ drink all the h20.
♥︎ say yes to opportunity and adventure.
♥︎ try surfing. try snowboarding. try skydiving. try wakeboarding. try music lessons. try…well, just try everything.
♥︎ do acts of kindness anonymously. This will fill your heart with so much joy.
♥︎ write down your dreams and practice visualization. Visualtzation is where many of my wild ideas, projects, dreams + goals have transpired.

& lastly…

♥︎ experiences are much more valuable than things. The utmost best peice of advice I’ve ever gotten. Remember these words while you’re shopping and swiping that credit card. Clothes eventually become lackluster, new pink fluffy pillows lose their softness, your one pair of stiletto shoes lose their style, and your fancy car depreciates every day. Memories result in life long stories and lessons, experiences create special connections that can last forever and may lead to new opportunities and/or new relationships, new adventures help you discover your desires in life and help you discover who you are as a person and what matters to you. Experiences over things, hunnay.


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