New experiences surround us every day. And sadly, sometimes we just let them pass right on by. This may be because we are busy thinking about the future and what experiences we want to experience. This may be because we are encompassed with thoughts of the past. This may be because we are so caught up in being busy with life (and let’s face it, getting caught in the pit of doom in social media is a big one).

I know with me, it’s because I am always thinking about the experiences I want to experience whilst not experiencing the experience that is right in front of my face. Now does that make sense? Layman’s terms: I’m missing out on something that is really cool right then + there.

I was talking to a really cool, wise fella (okay, a counsellor who knows what’s up) the other day and I was telling him how I feel like I’m in a rat race and how I just feel trapped. I have all of these cool trips I want to go on, adventures and road trips, and I want to take so many courses but these weird things called ‘work’ + ‘money’ always seem to be roadblocks. I told him I felt like I was missing out on so much. And he simply said, “you have experiences in front of you everyday, Noelle. But you’re missing out on those experiences because you’re constantly thinking about the future ones you desire. You need to practice experiencing the experience that is in front of you.” I tilted my head, thought about those words and nodded. Fair. He was right and that was head shake I needed. And I hope I am passing that head shake along to you right now. Forget about the future, forget about the past and take a glance at what is in your life right now.

We all know my love for country music, and if you don’t, this girl has a wild passion for all things country. A lot of my YouTube videos I watch are country music videos/playlists and interviews with musicians. Kip Moore has always been one of my favourites not just for his music but for what he stands for and how he stays so authentic. He seems very down to earth, has some very wise words to say, encourages authenticity, and I feel like there is a lot going on in that brain of his that is on a whole other level. Plus he’s pretty okay to look at, too. With that being said, I came across a short 33 minute video of his called “The Journey to Slowheart” (I will link it here). It is really good and actually says a lot about life and makes you realize how much of someones life is behind the words in their music. Something said in that video really opened my eyes to experiences.

Here, allow me to explain….

Picture this: You’re at a concert. The concert you’ve been waiting for all year. The day is finally here and there you are. On the floor. Of course your phone is out filming it because you are wanting to save this moment forever and share it with everyone. But hold on…you are watching this concert you just paid X amount of money for, the one you waited all year to be at in this very moment and you’re watching it… through your phone screen when the real thing is RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU.

This is just a nice way of putting it and giving you a realization I had when I heard this scenario. Experiences are given to us each and every day but sometimes we are so focused thinking on the future that we are truly missing out on the amazing song that is being sang directly to us in that very moment.

Now next time you’re thinking you’re having “FOMO”, as you kids say these days (just learned what that stood for not long ago) or feel like you’re missing out on an event, an adventure, or any experience at all, think about this concert analogy and try to see what is right in front of you in your life today or what is readily available to you.

Move the phone away from your pretty little face and just be present in the moment because I promise you, you will look back and wish you had relished more in moments you had. And I double promise you there will be many things heading your way to experience in the future so don’t worry about that and take my advice….Looking back, I really do wish I savoured more moments in my life because when I reminisce on them now some of them really feel like they were straight out of a movie. I had no idea at the time how much they were going to mean to me in my future.

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