Let’s just start off with this: rompers and dresses are great because it’s one piece of clothing and it creates a whole ensemble. Easy frickin’ peezy. Next, olive green is a great colour. It looks good on all skin types, I believe and is almost as versatile as a black or white since it goes with a lot of other colours. It reminds me of nature too. So that makes me happy.

This one is great for a sunny vacation day, running errands in the warm weather, date night or if you find yourself out for a night on Broadway in Nashville (refer to picture with red kisses all over the wall).

I paired this romper with sandals one day, heels another day and even my cowboy boots one night. Again, such a versatile piece of clothing. When I wear ‘girly’ outfits I always try to add something that adds a little edge and that’s where my all black aviator ray-bans come to play. Definitely makes a good balance between ‘girly’ and edgy. I threw a hat on which tied it altogether and was such a simple thing to do along with a simple cross body (vegan) leather bag. Lastly, I have my favourite necklace that I wear everyday. It is dainty with a thin chain but still has a statement factor to it with an eye-catching rectangle pendant with my gramas name on it. It means the absolute world to me <3

All so simplistic but still makes quite a statement and you look put together even if you don’t seem like it on inside, like myself…..all the time.

& dainty details for you…

Romper•Candy Land LA (I got it from a local boutique but this one and this one are similar)
HatBrixton I will tell you right now…When I went to Nashville this hat sparked many conversations with many strangers. So you should get one if you want to meet new friends in random places.
SunglassesRay-Ban These are essential in life.
Necklace•it was my gramas so I’m sorry, it’s one of a kind but! there are many that will work! Like…this one or any dainty necklaces will do the trick. Even layering them looks really nice too.
My advice to you is to spend the money on a good quality necklace that is timeless. The amount of money you spend replacing all the ones that tarnish will add up to the amount you’ll spend on a good quality on that you’ll never get sick of.
BagPixie Mood

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