Just do.

Two simplistic words that my brother has always (lovingly) nagged me with. “Noelle, there will be no perfect timing. Stop waiting for things to happen in order to start something. Just Do. Just do and learn along the way. Get it out there and get started.”

I was the one who was always waiting for the perfect time, the perfect place, the perfect idea. Low and behold there truly is no perfect time, no perfect place or perfect idea. And let me tell ya, time really does just keep tick-tocking away.

I recently self-published a small book which took me three years to complete and in all honesty, it should have taken me only one single year. I was always waiting, putting things off (hello! queen of procrastination over here), and quite scared of the big steps I had to take. Scared of the money I had to spend. Scared I was wasting time & I continued to second guess myself always. But once I actually just fell forward into it, stopped overthinking and pushed myself to do everything I needed to do to fully complete it and get it out to the world…that’s when it all clicked. Ever since the completion of the book I now have just been doing. I haven’t been waiting for the perfect time for this, I haven’t been waiting for the bigger pay check to pay for that, I haven’t been overthinking it and mulling it around in my brain –– I’ve just been working more, prioritizing my time to get things done and I’ve just been doing.

(small side note example: Bucket list of mine has always been to take a singing lesson. Scares the crap out of me but I absolutely love music and have always wanted to take a stab at it. One day I was leaving the gym (let’s blame the endorphin high for the next part of this story) and I realized I had nothing planned for the rest of the morning. My music turned on in my truck, I remembered I’d always wanted to take a singing lesson and there ya have it… I didn’t think once more about it. I drove my butt to the music store, didn’t allow myself to think anymore of it except for the fact I was doing it, quickly got out of my truck to lessen the time to talk myself out of it, walked in and quickly made the appointment and paid. And there ya have it. Noelle locked in a singing lesson. I got back into my truck and said to myself “what the frick did I just do?”. But now I’ve checked a bucket list off right then and there. Let me tell you, when the actual day came for my lesson it was truly one of the most terrifying most vulnerable things I’ve ever done but I am over the moon happy I did it and got that first step out of the way.

…Back to my book example, it felt so good to actually complete such a big project I had been working on for so long. Something I put my whole heart into and something I put all my spare time into. Since then I am now “just doing” everything. I have always heard the small quote “there is no perfect time” but now that I started actioning it…dang…I’ve started getting so much more done and learning so much.

If you’re always waiting for the perfect time, place, idea, amount of money or what have you…you’re going to be living the same redundant life and time will go by without you even knowing and I promise you will wish you had started the moment that idea popped in that noggin of yours.

It’s going to feel uncomfortable, it’s going to feel weird, it’s going to feel slightly wrong thanks to your ego but if you fully, deep down believe in whatever it may be and you really do want to try it out. Just do. Don’t think, just do. Fail forward, ignore judgments, learn as you go and you’ll be surprised with the outcomes, learnings, connections, takeaways and sense of accomplishment you gain from all of the experiences you make yourself just do.

**A book I would recommend regarding this topic is ‘The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. It talks a lot of how to overcome procrastination and how to live out your goals.

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