There will be many trials + tribulations out there but none will build a strong enough wall that will not allow you to break through with your strong desires in life. A ‘desire’ is much different than something you simply “want”. Something you “want” is just something you wish for. Something you “desire” is something you will go to the end of the world and back for as many times as it takes to achieve. Make your desires your passions. Make your desires those goals you feel so excited to achieve and that fuel you with happiness and eagerness. The goals that keep you up at night, tossing and turning making you not able to sleep because you simply cannot wait for the morning to work on them. 

At first it may be hard to figure out what you desire. You feel you would love this, that and the other thing in your life. But the thing that keeps popping into your mind. The thing that puts the smile on your face when it does randomly pop into your mind while you’re in the grocery store. The thing that doesn’t leave your mind… hardly ever. That is your desire. Once you know your desire, visualize yourself everyday already living in the moment with it. You’ve attained it, you’re happy as a clam with it and you feel the biggest sense of achievement because you put all you could into it –– your heart, your soul, all your precious time. Visualize it everyday, journal about it every morning and truly, fully & whole-heartedly believe in it. Side note: I learned today that Beethoven was partially deaf throughout the majority of his career with music and eventually it was just soft, quiet tones he heard. Beethoven! One of, if not, the best music composers of all time couldn’t hear 100% but he still killed it with the symphonies. He mixed in his enthusiasm with some faith and continued with his desires and true passion: music.

We all have desires in life and we all have wants. You’ll know the difference. Fight for those desires and put your wants on the Christmas list because you’ll be okay without them if they don’t end up under your tree. What you desire you wouldn’t allow to not come into your life and you know you are going to get it one way or another.

Decipher the difference between the two and figure out what it is you want and what you desire. No matter how far fetched the goal and dream may be, please just give it a chance, don’t let it fad and sit in the back of your mind and know that if Sally Sue down the street can do it…why can’t you? It’s going to feel like treading through mud but just power through and soon you’ll be swimming freely. Lastly, always, always know that good things take time, honey.

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