I’ve done a little bit of traveling here and there. Australia, Florida, Hawaii, California, Mexico, Michigan, Nashville. But some of my most enjoyed trips I’ve ever taken were literally just within a simple road trip, having no solid plan, going with the flow, and stopping at all the small little towns along the way. And this is where simplicity brings significance to life.

This summer, I had 2.5 days off in a row (that is incredibly rare). I was humming and hawing about what to do with that free time. If I should stay in town and catch up on errands, save my money and such or if I should take a little adventure. I woke up early on the morning of my first day off and it was so sunny with not a cloud in the sky.

So I went.

My first small town I entered at 7:55am, I stopped at a small café called blondies. Early morning, pure sunshine + a sweet little café in a mountainous small town –– I was probably the happiest girl in Canada because I was in my happy place filled with mountains, sunshine, trees, country music and I knew had an adventure ahead of me.

Even though I was by myself majority of the time and for the whole driving part, I was really having the best time and it was the most beautiful drive through The Rockies. This truly was one of my favourite trips I’ve ever had and I now crave all the road trips I can get.

Now, I took a few notes along the way of things that can improve YOUR next road trip 🙂

road trip tips:

1.) find a water bottle that has a straw as it spills all over your face when trying to sip from a twist off lid
***note – if it’s YETI like mine with the straw attachment…make sure the straw is always flipped open because going through the different elevations will cause pressure in the bottle and when you go to flip the straw open the pressure pushes the water out of the straw and spraying you with a never ending waterfall happening in your truck while your driving with no way to stop it. Trust me on this…

2.) get a cheap tripod so you an capture moments in beautiful places on your own without having to stack rocks, sticks or dirt to hold up your phone

3.) treat your vehicle nicely––especially when going on lengthy road trips. Check oil & always keep tank as full as you can. It’ll keep you moving and safe rather than on the side of the road having to deal with gosh knows who. And be ever so grateful for that hunk of metal on four wheel as it is the main thing allowing you to be on this adventure.

4.) Turn off the music. Turn off your podcast. Turn off your audiobook.
Take sometime in your road trip to sit in silence and sit with your thoughts. You’ll be surprised at what comes up.

5.) For the girls: what to wear
•A t-shirt dress, baby. They’re comfy, airy, you still look cute & put together, and you can eat as much as you want without anyone knowing how big your food baby really it 🙂
•no make up + hair up. The wind will just make the hair get in your eyeballs and nothing feels better than a fresh, bare face.

6.) Don’t have your sunglasses on the whole time. The colours of the environment and nature truly are half of the reason I love driving these roads so much and it makes such a huge difference with
sunglasses on vs. sunglasses off.

7.) Stop at as many pull outs as you can! The views are never ending!

8.) If you’re going through the Rockies like I did, you’re obviously going to want to try to see Lake Louise because well…it’s Lake Louise but just do your research and try to find the least busy times to go. That place is absolutely insane and filled with a million people majority of the time and parking is a doozy. It’ll be worth it to research. I personally prefer the less busy spots with just as beautiful lakes 🙂

9.)Banff. You obviously have to go here. HACK: There is free parking just before the town at a rec centre (it’s on your left right before the railway tracks!) and you can simply walk to town from there along the river. SO BEAUTIFUL.

10.) Fill up on gas in alberta. So. Much. Cheaper.

11.) Remember the time change going into Alberta. lol.

12.) You never have enough snacks. I promise you that. Snacks are half of the road trip, am I right?

13.) Do drop in workout classes in cities or towns you’ve never been and where you’re staying! I started one day early in Calgary with a lovely yoga class. Allowed me to experience a completely different kind of class than what I’m used to back home. Also gives you the opportunity to meet + interact with new people.

14.) Simply follow the road signs. You don’t always need your phone telling you what to do. Try the old school why and read the signs. They actually work.


15.) Buy one of those tacky sweaters from each monumental small town you go to. I promise you will not regret this. Every time I wear my Banff one it has me relive this wicked road trip and makes me SO happy and onto planning the next.

16.) Stop in all the small towns and adventure around trying different cafés, restaurants, different shops and seeing different sights. This is probably my favourite thing about road trips.

Next road trip for me is Nelson and/or Invermere.