To the one who feels their heart is broken. This is for you and this is for you to realize your true strength that is deep within waiting to be uncovered. This time of your life right now can be taken very hard but, sweet one, know that you have the choice to make it easier on yourself and realize a graceful heartbreak can be had. A heartbreak that can actually leave you smiling instead of sorrowing. Know that your perception of this reality can change everything to make for a much more positive experience. If you recognize it as a blessing, if you notice it is making you a stronger person and if you view it as a chance to open new doors to new opportunities, growth and a time to find out more of who you really are and what you truly want in life… then you’re on the path to a graceful heartbreak, my love.

People come and go through our lives. But there sometimes comes a point when we’ve learned all we can from that one person and we’ve taught them everything they needed from us. This is the time we need to allow for the process of letting go as there is someone out there who can teach us and push us to continue growing into the person we want to become and they will continue being that person by our side for the rest of our life. When you find love with someone who you never stop learning from and you never run out of wisdom to teach them…then that is a team of true love that will last for an eternity. That is a duo that will continually push each other to become their best selves and the selves they love the most. That is when you will call your mama and say “Mom, I’ve found the one”.

So, allow this time in your life to be graceful and a time for optimism. Know that there is someone truly meant for y-o-u out there waiting patiently. Be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned from this special person you’ve had in your life and be grateful for the beautiful memories you get to forever have. Thank them and wish them nothing but the best in the future. Be excited for what is to come and lastly, live every second in life. Give full attention in the moment, give full attention when people are speaking to you, go out in nature as it is one of the most healing places in the world to be and please be gentle with yourself. This did not happen because of who you are as a person. Absolutely none of this is your “fault”. This is your life map and you are simply on the journey that is specifically for you and you only. Enjoy the road you’re on and know that there are incredible plans mapped out there for you as you continue learning your unique life lessons. It’s the ebbs and flows of life. The up’s and downs. Curveballs will continue being thrown your way and incredible moments and experiences will also continue arriving at your doorstep. Take all you’ve learned, be so kind to each and every person you cross paths with and flow with graceful gratitude throughout the rest of your life. Take the high road of perception, my darling.