I want to write the words that inspire people.
I want to write words that bring people compelling energy.
I want to write words that ignite a fire in people to drop what they’re doing and realize they’ve got a dream they’re meant to live out.
I want to write the words that allow people to turn that switch on in their brain which creates them to embrace, accept and be truly and fully proud of the person they’ve become and the person they are becoming.
We don’t give ourselves enough credit these days.
Although, it is beautiful, full of opportunities and lovely humans–this world can be a challenging place.
Sometimes you simply need to read some words that give you a kick in the pants to realize that you’re amazing with who you have become today and what you’ve brought to the table.
And I want my words to be those good kick-in-the-pants kind of words.
These are just some of the words I want to write.
I want to write all the words that excite people to do things that allow them to grow as a person.
I want to write all the words for people to read which create a sense of eagerness to dig deep and learn about themselves as much as possible.
I wish for the sense of purpose and belonging in this world to be felt within my words.
I want to write all the words that motivate people to work on themselves to continuously evolve with each passing day.
I wish for the act of bravery to be put into action toward deep personal desires because of my words.
Words that fire up an urge inside of people to do something kind for others while also being sure to always be kind to themselves are more of the words I want to put into simple text.
I want all of my words and sentences to be so simple but incredibly profound and memorable at the same time.
I want people to resonate easily.
I know when I read specific words in a specific order– they can  be so very powerful and really hit home.
The most simple sentence has the power to change someone’s life, instantly, in such an amazing way.
Those are the sentences I want to create with simple but powerful words.
Having these simple, yet mighty, impacts on peoples lives from words I’ve written would put a big ol’ smile on my face.

Words can be transformative, impactful, truthful, loving and appear in the perfect sequence at the perfect time. And a simple set of words can be what one needs to hear or read to finally hit the tipping point which can encourage them to enter an amazing threshold in their life when it’s most needed.

One of my desires is to gain an endless amount wisdom with each passing day to create simplicity within powerful sentences to share with the world to help people enter that magnificent threshold waiting for them in this beautiful life.


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