The woman’s body is so rad, wouldn’t you agree?
It comes in all different shapes and sizes AND it creates actual living, eating, breathing, (sometimes/usually) nuisance causing, amazing, loving little permanent best friends we call babies. Then it just goes right back to its normal body it was 9-months prior. Well, maybe with a little extra skin to love and a couple beautiful tiger lines which we call stretch marks.
But those are all things to embrace because instead of those making you feel bad about your appearance and how you must “lose the extra baby fat ASAP rocky”, you can change them into beautiful reminders of how your body allowed you to create your new little buddy. Awwwwwww, now isn’t that sweet.

I’m going to be completely raw and open with my experiences here as I know some will relate. Not many people know these things about me so let’s dive in….
Growing up (which I am still doing and I will always be doing)
I always wanted a voluptuous chest. For some reason I thought the day I hit puberty and got my first period, the very next morning I would wake up with a perfect sized C-cup chest.
For some reason that didn’t happen?
So a little later, the next thought was “Boob job”.
That’ll make clothes fit better.
That’ll make the make me look better.
That’ll make me feel better in my skin.

I was serious about it. Began looking into the best surgeons around me,  started my research, talked to people i know who has them, watched videos, etc.
Long story short (semi-short* as I tend to ramble)….I learned to love the skin I am in.

I am on pinterest. A lot. I love fashion sooooo much. So, I’m always looking at outfits on there. I actually started noticing women wearing beautiful outfits that looked so elegant, classy and lovely on them.
What made them different from all the other beautiful photos of outfits?
They are all had butter-knife flat chests.

Some photos would have beauty’s covering up their whole chest with a top that sat just below their shoulders which only showed their décolletage and bare shoulders. They were looking more womanly than ever without having to show any curves or cleavage at all.
Others were wearing deep v-neck tops with dainty, layered necklaces that draped their tan skin all the way down to the middle of their torso.
But it didn’t look un-classy at all because there was little to no cleavage to be shown.
And some were simply just wearing wicked crewneck sweaters and looking so happy as their confidence radiated through the massive smile on their face while not having to show any skin or curves at all.

I can wear those things and keep it classy as ever.
I can have that smile radiating my confidence.
These images of these girls, who looked confident, content and happy in their skin, started to change my perspective on my
itty-bittys. And actually my fixation on being stick skinny has, slowly but surely, been switching too; allowing me to begin accepting my body’s natural shape.

Then I began reading.
I started learning much more about our thoughts toward ourselves and self-love—how greatly these two weapons impact our lives and how our thoughts truly do create our reality.

This is when affirmations came into affect. I would say to myself (in my head and out-loud) things I liked about myself…even if they weren’t true.
I would repeat them, repeat them and repeat them–hoping to trick my little brain nugget that sat inside my thick skull.

BOOM. I don’t know what it is but I think affirmations are actually magic because I truly love every inch of my body now.
Not only do I love and fully accept my small chest.
But I am beginning to love and fully accept every inch of my body.
No matter the little rolls that tumble over my jeans when I sit down.
No matter the tiger marks I have on my legs.
And if my brain dare to begin think something rude to myself when I look in the mirror, I ninja that thought right in the face and replace it with a positive, kind, caring, awesome one–even if I don’t believe it at the time because I know, said enough times, soon I will believe it and I’ll be walking with confidence.

With this whole experience I have learned to love my little ladies (which allow me to freely do exercise without smacking me in the face) and also to love all of my other unique attributes that I used to view as imperfections.
I am incredibly, incredibly, incredibly grateful for the this.

My words to you today are (even though it took me foooorrreeeevvvverrrr to finally comprehend):
This is the body I have been given, why ruin my days basking on the negative when I have the open opportunity turn them into positives and appreciate my beautiful, womanly temple…
And there is just soooo much more to life than having “the perfect” body.

Also, to maybe save yourself TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS+++ try what I did first before any drastic, life altering decisions. As redundant as it may sound in this day and age, our thoughts and perception to things, truly, are incredibly powerful and can make the absolute world of a difference.

Love & appreciate your magnificent temple and what it can do. Every single shape is loveable and admired by so, so many.


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