brings significance to life.
So I believe.
Whether it be clothes, relationships, make-up, food, date nights or home decor.
Simple is the way to go.
But let’s get on a deeper level here…

Truth lies within simplicity.
Be truthful to yourself and be truthful to others.
Be you, say things that you would say, do things that interest you and tell the world who you are.
If you stay authentic to yourself,
You’ll stay cool.
Don’t fake your interests, don’t do things that you know the true you would never do and please don’t say slang that you know you’d never say.
Always choose authenticity.
The relationships and friendships that are meant to come into your life will find you.

Tell the truth to others no matter how much it may hurt them in the moment.
Because I damn well promise you that once that hurting moment is over, they will respect the heck out of you.
Even if they’re still furious at you.
The trust and respect will be there.
Staying truthful is such a freeing feeling too.
You literally feel lighter as a human and proud of your choices to say what needs to be said and to have done what needed to be done.
When you’re hiding things, fibbing and not being the true you, the human body, physically, feels heavier.
Now who wants any extra weight that doesn’t even keep us warm or curvalicious.
Not I.
So tell the truth.
To yourself and others who need it.

With that being said, in my opinion, somethings are better left unsaid.
To his buddies, Bobby-Joe says that Sally-Sue is becoming a weeee bit chunky.
Instead of telling her those exact words,
Just tell Sally-Sue a good smoothie recipe or invite her to a fitness class with you.

You know deep down when the truth needs to be out there.
Choose truth and simplicity will follow.
I promise you that this will result in happiness and ease in this incredible life we have unfolding before us.

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