You know when something comes up in life and you feel compelled to do whatever it may be.
No matter how insane it may be.
No matter how expensive.
No matter how out of your realm it seems.
It’s solely on your own and a full adventure by yourself.
Something in you just feels magnetized to whatever it is and you know it’s something you’re suppose to do?
Those feelings…
Don’t ignore them.
They’re precious and guiding you.
Just let them flow and do it.
This is your soul whispering to you telling you that whatever it is, it is good for you.
& no matter the outcome….something so good will come out of it.

The body, soul and mind are damn intelligent.
You and I are just the meat cases that hold onto the astonishing soul + mind buried inside.
The soul that has so much potential and all of the answers to our deepest questions.
Yes. We are meat cases.
The good stuff is deep inside.
We are the meat cases that have the every ounce of potential plausible to connect with that good stuff.
Sadly, a lot of people just drift through life not thinking twice about the energies and kind of crazy hippy dippy magic we carry.
The good stuff speaks to us and ever so quietly always tells us the answers we are searching for.


I just put a downpayment on a yoga course:
A.) I do not have all the money for right now
B.) I’ll have to take a month off work
C.) I can’t even touch my toes

But as soon as I saw the flyer for it…
Something in me just spoke and told me to do it.
Even though I didn’t have all the funds quite yet.
And I feel fine about it.
I haven’t had one doubt about it yet!
Which is weird because I am a gemini and oscillate between all decisions in life.
Shopping is almost impossible for me (but I make it work 😉 ).
I know this whole experience will all work out positively in the end for some reason too.
No idea how but I know for a fact it will.

Follow those hints your lovely little soul buddy gives you.
Sometimes they’re shouted and sometimes it’s a faint whisper.
Get more in touch with yourself and they’ll become clearer and clearer as you practice learning about you and listening to the real you. Not just the meat case.

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  1. “I can’t even touch my toes” lol. I am totally with you, the going for the things that magnetize us, that is! I also believe it’s guiding the way to something good, even though sometimes is hard to know how and when.

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