I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around emotions and what they truly are.
The main thing that I have come to realize is that I don’t appreciate the “bad/negative” moments as much as I should.
I am sure not many of us do.
But when you think about it a little…

We actually need the contrast of tender love and care with disrespect and dishonesty.
We really do need the contrast of the happy moments with the sad moments.
Surely we need the contrast of serenity and angst.
And pain vs. comfort.
The contrast of every emotion in life is needed in order to truly have appreciation for the amazing things that happen for us.

Imagine a world with no emotions.
No happy and no sad.
No anger and no love.
We would all be mono-toned, heartless robots roaming around this planet.

Next time something negative happens…
Think about the contrast that you will be grateful for in the future due to the experience.
Maybe a friend is dishonest and hurts you.
Think of how much you will appreciate the true friend that enters your life a little later on.
The one who is always truthful–– even when things get crummy.
You will have that sense of trust in them forever, they’ll motivate you to always be truthful and you will appreciate them so much more thanks to dumb-dumb who treated you poorly.
That is a contrast of honesty vs. dishonesty.

Appreciate the good moments and the bad moments equally because at the end of the day, every moment has something to be appreciated for. And yes, even when you stub your pinky toe on the damn coffee table because it’ll make you realize how grateful you are for (usually) always having pain free toes. Ahhhh, so nice.

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