I know you’re all very smart people out there and I’m sure many of you already know what I’m about to say but I just wanted to express what has helped me when I have had days in life that have had me down in the dirt and wanting to just crawl into a mole-hole. Every. Single. Person has these days and so hopefully this may be of help to you in some way.

Here we go:

1.) 100 dreams. Write down literally 100 of your dreams. Commit to it. One-hundred. How do you want your life to unfold? What relationships do you wish to have? Places you would love to go. Things you’d love to do. Anything at all. Even if it doesn’t seem it could ever be real. Write it. It is such a fun thing to do as it helps you visualize your life, what it could be and simply makes you smile just thinking about all the possibilities. Visualization is one of my favorite things to do.

2.) Get out of the house. It’s probably the only place you feel like being but it may be the worst as you are alone and your thoughts are going crazy. Getting out of the house and interact with others. This will give your mind a break and will allow you to be open to new opportunities. There is so much out there is this beautiful world! The other night I went to a drop in hip-hop dance class and I laughed my butt off in it. I was so happy I went. It got my mind off the negative state I was in and I even met a wicked new friend, Sophie.

3.) Nutrition is incredibly important for your mood and how you feel. So many people just shove whatever into their system and don’t give two flying poops about what is going into their body and it sucks. I sure wish there was a lot more taught about nutrition in the earlier days of people lives.

Anywho…I won’t go to in-depth as this part could go on forever…If you are plant based, well, high fricken five to you because that is not as easy as it may seem. It can be a little more difficult to get the protein needed and especially if our guts are not working in our favor, nutrients (including protein) will not be digested properly or at all. Veggies, beans & legumes are incredibly hard for our bodies to actually digest to begin with, which sucks, and this is where plant based people get their protein from. Protein is crucial for our emotional state. And soy, as it is a great protein source, it has phytoestrogen in it and that causes more estrogen in our womanly body than needed and creates a hormone imbalance which can then be a factor in the sad days we have. With that being said, the fake meat replacements are filled with soy and other terrible additives that are incredibly detrimental to our hormones. Those are known for creating an imbalance in our hormones levels. So, if you use those, use them sparingly.

Maybe check out a naturopath, get your hormone levels checked and see what vitamins and minerals you may be lacking so you can hit up the health food store to stock up on what you need to feel like a new baby cow waddling around in a grass filled field on a bright sunny day. Yes, aim to feel like a happy cow.

4.) Journal. Take that pen to a blank piece of paper and write. Write absolutely everything and anything that comes to mind. Don’t let that pen leave the paper until you have dumped out everything that was in your brain. Just know that NOBODY will see this. So you can write everything single thing that comes to mind. Good or bad. It allows you to not bottle anything up anymore…even things you didn’t even know where inside of you will come out. You’ll be surprised what may end up written on that paper.

5.) Books to read: The Alchemist-Paulo Coelo — The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari-Robin Sharma –The Saint, The surfer & The CEO- Robin Sharma. Absolutley incredible books.

Follow Janne Robinson online and on insta if you don’t already. She’s rad.

6.) I looooooooooooove country music and road trips. If I’m having a rough go, I jump in my truck and blast my favourite playlist, drive to a different town that is nearby and take myself out for a tasty lunch or coffee with a book I’m deep into. Gets me out of the house, music has incredible benefits to the human mind and taking yourself out for a treat is fun!
Food = happiness (obviously).
Then you’re out of the house, eating yum food and immersed in a fantastic book getting your mind off things onto new good things.

7.) Call your mama. They always know how to help. Maybe even go for a spontaneous trip back to your parents home or wherever they may be. Spend a simple weekend with them. Moms are seriously magic and always know what to say. And being in their present is so comforting for some reason. Or just talk to someone who you can relate with, that is older and has wisdom. Someone who has been through this part of their life already and who can comfort you. My mom has been an absolute a saving grace to me.

8.) Take a deep breath and be truly proud of the person you’ve become. Our life has a great plan out there for us. You just have to truly trust it and enjoy each moment there is. There is a reason to literally every single thing that happens in our lives. Everything is a great lesson in life. The moments that feel terrible may be the moments in your life which are growing you stronger and teach you how to overcome this so you can help a little girl or boy who may come into your life later on needing your help with the same situation. You never know. Forget the past and forget the future. Try your best (I know it can be damn, damn hard) to be present and enjoy the little things in life. You’re strong. You’ve got this.

I could blabber forever but I will end it here. I wish you all the best.


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