Did you know that we actually have brains?
We actually have personalities.
And we really are pretty funny.
Holding a conversation and keeping it meaningful is one of our specialties.
We’re thoughtful as heck & our hearts pour out love for you and every living thing (& even non-living thing) out there.
And more than you may think, we do choose a night of escaping reality to immerse ourselves in a book to expand our brain bank rather than drinking out on the town.
Our minds hardly ever shut off as we think about a zillion things and still seem to stay calm and collected.
We have determination and focus in our DNA.
Also, we can bake a marvelous batch of cookies.

There is so much more to us women than the outer shell you all seem to gawk over.
I’m not throwing feminism around or equality spears out there.
Men are all of the above as well.
And I, too, believe the woman’s body is a dang gorgeous thing to look at.
But what men don’t understand is how friggin’ uncomfortable it feels to walk into a restaurant and feel like we’re getting undressed with every eyeball in there.
YES. We do see your stare glued to us.
& YES. We do notice you almost break your damn neck while looking us up and down…over and over and over again.
Sometimes I see men looking at women so strongly that I actually have to look away because it makes ME feel uncomfortable.
Then you see them snicker with their friends and it is just plain rude and disrespectful..

Us women can’t even walk into a single public place without having eyes scan our body from top to bottom…
No matter how modest and covered we are dressed.
No matter how tall or short.
Curvy or slender.
Brunette or blonde.
Make-up or no make-up.
Turtle neck or fitted tee.
Does not matter how classy or sassy this girl is,
There will be invasive eyes looking her up and down.
Just cause’ she is a woman.
And these guys sure don’t make it subtle.

Yes. Women are beautiful in every shape and form.
And yes, some women love being treated this way and definitely ask for it the way they portray themselves.
But for the sake of the women who do not ask for this one little bit,
Just stay respectful and take your glance, if you must, then get straight back to eating your blood dripping steak sandwich.
It would, honestly, be so much appreciated.

thank you.

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