There is no rush, there is no hurry.
Don’t sprint through life like it’s a race.
Simply walk through life on turtle mode.
Enjoy what it has to offer and accept every single thing/person that crosses your path.
If you’re rushing, you’re missing.
Missing out on the moments meant to relish.
Missing out on the people who you could possibly have a great connection with.
You may miss out on the incredible memories to be made.
And incredible experiences to be had.
You might miss out on discovering something you truly love that you would have never even thought of.
Or you’ll maybe miss out on amazing opportunities that slap you across the face but you don’t even feel it because your head is in future mode.
Life is full of so many remarkable, incredible, indescribable moments.
Life is meant to enjoy.
So stop anticipating the future and stop worrying about the possible “problems” that could happen if you don’t figure things out “NOW”.
Learn to take a deep breath and truly be in the moment.
This sounds yoga-y and hippy dippy-y but it’s true.
You will feel a rare feeling when you’re truly taking the time to enjoy the then and there moment.
Know that everything is okay and will be alright.
Once you are living in the “living in the present” flow,
You’ll be amazed at what comes your way.
You are truly, down to your core, happy and accepting life.
Everyone has their own unique purpose in this world and you will know what yours is once you have come to be completely and truly happy with yourself.
Rushing to find it will only lead you in vicious circles.
Stay true to who you are and always do what you love.
This is when your purpose will shine bright and be shown to the world.

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