Laying in the dentist chair getting the dreaded teeth cleaning. Those terrible noises from the machines are going off and this random humans hands are in my mouth vigorously scratching at my teeth.

There was a moment where no dagger-like tools are in my mouth so I had the opportunity to speak.
So of course I’m going to take this opportunity to randomly ask this random dentist a deep question.
“So, if you could go back and tell your younger self something, what would it be?”
Definitely threw a curve ball at him. Ha.
Shifts back in his seat and says “Well, that is quite a deep question..”
He we quiet and just took a moment to think. I knew it was going to be a good one with his serious face he had painted on.
“Experiences are much more valuable than things.”
Annnnnnd boom.
So simple, yet so powerful.

As soon as he said that I started contemplating the lululemon outfit I had on, the hundred-something dollar bag I had next to me and the keys to my gas guzzling truck.

This awesome dentist lives in a tiny home, which he built himself, off grid in the middle of no where. So rad.

Try your best not to get caught up in material items. They make you feel good for a second but then you’ll be wanting something new in the snap of a finger.
Experiences may physically only last a year, a week or even maybe just a single day but the memory is always there and the stories you have to tell and lessons you had learned are going to last forever in that little noggin of yours.

Experiences over things, my friends.
Experiences over things.

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