To feel comfortable with the person you’ve grown to be and continue to grow as is a needed, liberating, freeing feeling.
Many people drift through life bending their thoughts, actions and emotions due other peoples beliefs.
They then end up torturing their soul that is screaming inside to be shown off and proud of.

The feeling of being with someone, friends, other half, dog, cat, brothers etc., who accept you, love you for every ounce of your being and is damn well proud of who you are is probably one the best feelings I have ever stumbled upon in my life.
And trust me, I’m a girl — a girl with hormones that create ninety-eight different feelings each minute of every day.
So when I say feeling the feeling of comfort in being your authentic self is one of the best feelings to feel…
You better take my word on that.
Ya feel me?

Keep the people in your life who are proud of the person you are.
Keep the people who want to show you off,
Keep the people who want you succeed,
Keep the people who want you to stay you because that is who they love to have in their life.
There may only be a few but it is better than having a million people in your life who may be there to give you company but don’t allow you to have the freeing feeling of being y-o-u.
Be proud of the person you are and what you have to offer because, heck, you have things that no one else in this universe has to show the world.
The people who stay by your side and support you no matter what crazy thing you do, say or believe are the people you need to give a hug to, show appreciation toward and keep for as long as possible.

Stay true to yourself.

Thank you to all the people in my life who put up with my hormonal moodswings, crazy, reckless and impulse decisions, and whatever other weird things I do/say.
You rock and I appreciate the living heck out of you. You know who you are.

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