That is a powerful word and a word everyone in this world should resonate with.
The feeling of freedom to be who you are and whoever you want to be is incredible.
Absolutely incredible.
You feel unstoppable.
You feel accepted to be your true self.
You don’t feel judged upon anything you do or say.
You feel happiness.
You feel confident.
You feel content & happy with the human you have become.

And with all of these feelings, you radiate this incredible energy that empowers others to be true to themselves.
They see how happy and confident you are with your authentic self and that it encourages them to embrace the person they are and not to hide in their shell and live their life to always please others.
That. Is. Awesome.
I like.

I’ve once felt like I was in a bubble and scared to be my true self as I felt judgement was always lurking around.
I wouldn’t speak my true words,
I wouldn’t speak my true body language
And I wouldn’t walk with the confidence that was inside me screaming to get out.

Some things have changed and now I am proud of what I have to bring to the table.
I’m proud of the things I have to say to this world.
I am proud of the person I have become.
And I am proud at my willingness to learn, hold the knowledge that is kindly given to me through my learning experiences which all in the end allows me to continue to grow.
And the want I have to never stop growing as a person makes me proud and wants me to share that feeling with others.

My confidence has been making appearances in this world too.
That is probably one of my favourite things about this new found freedom of mine.
It feels good.
It feels good to feel happy and proud of who I am.
I want you to feel that too.

Make sure (and I personally truly hope) you feel a sense of freedom in your life, a large sense of freedom.
Make sure you are surrounded by people that support you, not judge you.
People who are open minded, not their-way-or-the-highway kinda folks.
People who love your weirdness.
People who love your bad jokes.
And people who give you the tough love when needed.

People who love you for you and truly, genuinely and honestly want you to strive in life.

The feeling of freedom is based upon the people in your life that you are surrounded by each and everyday. Be sure those people know how great you are, be sure those people aren’t the ones who get jealous of others success and be sure those people encourage your growth & bad jokes.

I didn’t know how good freedom to be my true, authentic self felt up until recently. I hope everyone gets at least a small glimpse of it because if you do get that small glimpse, you’ll never allow yourself to not be free again.

People are going to love you for you and also despise you for no reason. Find the ones who love you and be kind to the ones who despise you because they are just being themselves too.
And also be kind to them because kindness is cool.

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