Think this, think that. Get this, get that.

“Where ever your mind goes, energy flows.”
I read this somewhere the other day. And it gave my brain a good shake.
Your thoughts create your days, your weeks, your years, your life.
Your thoughts literally create your life.
Our thoughts have energy, our thoughts create & motivate us.
Our thoughts are damn powerful and it is scientifically proven.
Google it.

For all you Nancy Negatives out there…
There is a reason you’re always so bummed…you’re focusing on allll the wrong things.
Focus on how yum the brownie was you had this morning.
Not about how long the line up was to buy the brownie.
Focus on the opportunity to meet new people at work while making money.
Not the fact that you have to be at work and how you already can’t wait to be done.
Focus on the the opportunity you get to spend extra time with someone (or yourself) by hitting all the red lights on the way home.
Not on the fact that you’re hitting all these red lights and flying through life without being present.
Focus on the “frick ya!” things that happen to you and you’ll be surprised how many times you’ll be thinking to yourself “frick ya!” with a big ol’ grin on your face.

One truly does not need a lot of (or any) “things”, toys, clothes, electronics or even friends to be happy.
If you find your self in a low spot in your life where you wake up and as soon as you open those big eyes of yours you’re already not too excited for the day?
Train your brain to think of the things you do have already in your life.
Be excited for the awesome breakfast feast you get to stuff your face in.
You really want to switch jobs and get into something different?
Focus your creative, smart, massive brain on that and put your imagination to work.
Every time your phone rings, just for fun, imagine it’s someone calling to offer you a job.
Every time you’re driving somewhere, really, really, reallllly pretend you’re driving to that new beautiful wellness centre you just started working at or even possibly opened yourself!
The options are endless and it is so fun.

Now we are all little balls of energy just waddling around this world.
Some are happy as a clam where they are,
While others are just feeling lost.

We have energy within us for a reason. Be sure to be putting the energy you do have to the right thing and you will see wicked, “frick ya!” moments, happy, life changing results within yourself and within the world you have created for you BY you.
You are the artist of your life and you can paint the picture of your life anyway you want.

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