Many people are held back by many things.
And people.
People are held back in life mainly by people.
They lose out on wicked opportunities.
They lose out on gaining confidence.
They lose out on learning curves.
People lose out on leaving their damn comfort zone and living their dream because of people.

“Now what do you mean people are held back by people?”
That’s a weird sentence you may be thinking.
People are so afraid of other people judgments that they simply just won’t do something they and their soul truly want to do.
They are worried what the people will think.
They are worried to disappoint the people.
To make a “fool” of themselves in front of the people.
To have the risk of being teased by the people.
To feel rejection from the people.
To fall flat on their pretty/handsome little face and fail in front of the people

Whenever I ask people what they would tell their younger self this is by far one of the most popular responses: Care less about what other people think and do you.

Nobody is going to care what you did a year ago, a month ago, a week ago or heck, even the fact you fell down the stairs in the mall two hours ago because you were so focused and excited on eating your Purdy’s chocolate dipped ice-cream covered in sprinkles you didn’t notice the small staircase coming up under your feet.

People are going to react to you and your actions for the first little bit but then they will get so caught up in the world of them again that they truly will not care anymore.
People will tell you something is not right and it isn’t possible because in their mind it isn’t but that is them.
You are totally different and have your own thought pattern and way of doing things.
Obviously their way of doing something wouldn’t work because that is what they’re telling themselves from the get-go.
So do it your way if you truly believe in it and show them what’s up.

Be mentally strong and bypass judgement that may sneak into your life.
Even if you have to navigate people away from your life and you end up on your on your own for a bit..
The right people who are here to support you will waddle on in at the moment you really need it.
Stay strong and do not let people hold you back.
Be the person that inspires people.
Be the person who inspires people to stay on their own track and stay true to themselves and their passion.
Create a new chain reaction so we remove judgment and add in support and encouragement to one another.
Now that’s a science equation for happiness and success.

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