Life is about balance.
The balance between the time we spend with our friends VS. the time we spend with ourselves.
The balance between the healthy, nutritious foods we consume VS. the indulgent foods we feed our bodies.
The balance between the money we save VS. the money we spend.
The balance between the amount of time we exercise VS. the amount of days we rest & recuperate.
The balance between the work life VS. play life.
The balance between the lazy days VS. the productive days.
The balance between the time we spend online VS. the time we spend away from the screen.
The balance between the amount of bleach us blondes use VS. the use of nourishing hair care creams.
The balance between the happy emotions VS. sad emotions. Let’s face it. Not every day is a walk in candy land. And that is not only okay, it is also healthy for us to feel different emotions.
We must balance our lives. Every. Single. Day.

While we are busy balancing our lives the best we can,
Life and the divine are creating an untouchable balance for us.
With that being said — I emphasize the word “for“.
We always, always must keep in mind things happen for us and not to us.

These past  few months for myself have been a complete downhill tumble.
Sort of like…..
Being sat in the middle of the row on a 13 hour flight with a new born on one side and someone who just discovered what crunchy chips are on the other side.
Or like someone switching the sugar jar to salt for a “ha-ha”…Ya. So not funny.
Or maybe like going for the first lick of your ice cream cone and the ice cream falls off.
Or possibly even similar to being abruptly pushed down a hill in while wrapped in barbed wire.
Okay…That last one was a littttttle dramatic..but you get it.

But you know what? On one side of things I’m bummed & irritated but on the other side of things…
I’m stoked. Thrilled. Eager. Smiling. Curious. Excited one may say…
Why? Because life is great.
What goes up must come down. And what goes down must always come up.
Like a pendulum (spell check definitely helped me with that word<-for sure thought there was a “J” hahah)
A pendulum. You know?
Those toys with the balls hanging on strings and one hits one end and the other one goes flying up then comes back and hits his end and sends his buddy for a flight and so on and so forth.
Yes. Like a Pendulum. And right now I may be gettin’ a hard hit but dang do I know for a fact I have a flight ahead of me and daaaaang am I excited.
Another cool thing is I’m learning a lot on this hit noelle-throw her down hills-knock her ice cream off kinda journey.

And I’m okay with it. And happy with it.

You really just have to lean back and accept what is going on with life and learn from whatever mistakes you have been so inclined to make because obviously your head needed a little shake so it doesn’t end up worse in the future.

I encourage you to embrace the moments that seem negative and turn them into a positive thought knowing there is a good thang comin’ your way to smooth that little bump in the road of life out.

Chill out. Don’t stress. Surround yourself with caring people & be sure, very sure to eat good food.


oh & P.S. always listen to your gut. Seriously. It knows best and can seriously tell the future.

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