I try to gain as much knowledge as possible and learn from other peoples life experiences. I find it so interesting to learn from older people and what they have been through. I especially love asking people who I look up to most what they wish they had known at my age. These are a few of the findings I have gathered of you guys:

1.)Money will always be a thing. You will have it in abundance sometimes. You will have a big fat negative sign sometimes. Money comes and goes. There’s always money to be made. Chill out.

2.)You know who you truly are deep down. Don’t lose that person or change that person.

3.)Work for yourself. Start your own thing.

4.)Communicate more/sooner with the people that mean something to you.

5.)Move away from your routine sooner than later. Always be trying new things. Always be learning.

6.)Be honest with yourself.

7.)Don’t judge others.

8.)Follow your absolute passion

9.)It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save.

10.)Buy property and rent it out.

11.)Take time to look at the stars

12.)Don’t do drugs. haha.

13.)If you want to go to school, Don’t wait. Start it as early as possible so you can finish it as early as possible.

14.)Drink less.

15.)Sleep more.

16.)Don’t worry about what others think.

17.)Save money

18.)Don’t change yourself for someone you believe you love. Or anyone. Be you.

19.)adventure as much as possible. Take all the spontaneous trips you can.

20.) Don’t half ass or settle for “good enough”

21.) Read. Read a lot.

22.) Credit Cards are not free money! Learn how to use them before diving into debt.

23.)Establish a gym routine/healthy food choices.

24.) Choose your friends wisely and be extremely picky with who you choose to influence you. You become who you surround yourself with.

25.) Take every opportunity you get that intriguers you and take every risk there is to take.

26.) Move away from your hometown.

27.) Don’t worry so much about your looks.

28.)Don’t get weird about food and exercise because yo think you have to look like the girl on insta. Just be you.


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