The Secret of Life: Love because it is better to get your butt kissed than kicked

I have a friend who gave me a few pieces of paper with some scribbled handwriting on them. They told me it’s something I would be into and to read it. It was given to them by a friend a few years ago. It was simply one of the best scribbled things I have ever read. I agree with absolutely 100% of it.

I believe it would be incredibly selfish of me to keep it to myself. So I asked if I could share it and they said yes. So here it is. I do not take any credit for any single word below. I just want as many people to read it as possible as I believe it is the simple keys to life and couldn’t have been said better. I hope you take something from it because I sure did.

Live, love and learn.

•Live life to the fullest•
•Expect the unexpected•
•Never underestimate or overestimate anyone because anything is possible and nothing is for sure•

The Secret of Life:

It’s about keeping a balance on the scales of life. By learning lessons and growing from the events and problems that you will be faced with.  The ups and downs will come and go and you may lose your balance tipping the scales from time to time but as long as you grow and learn, the scales will always balance. You can do this by striving for the happy medium (the balance) that is where the happiness lies.

There is no selfishness, guilt, greed or resentments, no wants. You will always have enough to meet ones needs but never too much to cause greed or arrogance. Money will come and go in its natural cycles. Don’t force it, try to hold it or manipulate it for selfish reasons. Humble in the poverty when it occurs and you will appreciate the times when you can roll in the bounty.

Live and grow by being open to new experiences and learning from them. Love as much as possible, spread it around by enjoying life and making others happy whenever you can. The things you do for others will reward you with more genuine happiness than money could ever buy. Always try to be a positive person and try to make a positive difference in the world around you whenever you can no matter what the circumstances and your life will always be full and complete.

Strive for the happy medium. Learn lessons in life and share them positively with others by giving them the information that you have already acquired when they ask for it, by letting them come to their own realizations, beliefs and conclusions on their own and on their own time. Don’t force it or try to hold it to your own experiences. The lessons need to happen freely and by their own free will to be fully understood.

Be positive no matter what life throws at you. Learn from it. It’s all part of the plan. Love and allow yourself to be loved as much and as often as possible. Stuff your life with love. Love and appreciate the little joys in life–they are usually free and plentiful. Love the beauty and amazement that the wonders of the world have to offer. Marvel in the magic in life. Miracles happen everyday.

Love your enemy, kill them with kindness. You can’t judge a book by its cover or a man until you have walked in his shoes. Just remember the lessons he is struggling with, no matter what form they manifest in, were once yours or soon will be in one form or another. We all have to go through the same lessons sooner or later in the spiritual evolution of life. So be patient and understanding with yourself and others.

Love yourself, accept your faults and work on them. Most importantly, love and appreciate the ones around you. Show and tell them as often as possible, let them know how important they are and how much you care. Everyone deserves to be loved.

You get back what you put out there so make sure you’re sending out love because it is better to have your butt kissed than kicked. There is truth in everything. It may be surrounded and fogged by a haze of manipulations but it is usually the simplest and most logical idea of explanation that you will find the truth hiding in plain sight. Be a truth seeker. Use that as your beacon to guide yourself through the fog towards the light of the happy medium.

If you ask for help and guidance it shall be yours. Accept it, learn from it and use it to grow. All the answers in life are there if you want to find them.


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