Throughout life, you need to find the people.
The people who empower you.
The people who pull you up as your pulling yourself down.
The people who see you sad and then turn on your favourite song to put a smile on your face.
The people who go out of their way to make your life brighter because they like seeing you happy.
The people who encourage you to break your comfort zone.
The people who believe in your “crazy” ideas because they see your passion.
The people who are genuinely interested in your life, ask questions about you and not just blab about themselves.
The people who care for you like no other.
The people who love you for you with their whole heart.
The people who accept you.
Accept every bit of you.
And one of  the most important people to find in life, in my opinion…
Find the people who make you laugh.

Laughter is so important to have in life.
Seriously, imagine a life without laughter.
Ahg. No thank you.
Up until the last bit of my life, I haven’t realized how impactful laughing & having a good time is to me and my well-being.
Obviously those seem like great things.
But sometimes the most simple things, like the latter, are the missing puzzle pieces in peoples lives.
When they just don’t understand why they’re feeling down.
They may just be needing a good laugh and a good road trip.
When I get a glimpse of having a great time and a good laugh…
Holy. Great feeling.

You need the kind of laugh where whatever was so fricken funny happened about eight minutes ago and you’re really embarrassed because you literally cannot stop yourself from laughing even though the moment has passed and everyone else has stopped…yea, that kind of laugh.
Those are the moments.
Those are the moments to relish.
And whoever just made you laugh your guts out.
Keep them close.
Real close.
They’re like a little life tool to keep.

Search for these people in the paths you cross with others in your day to day life.
And keep these people close by.
They will make you succeed in life.
They will actually make you healthier, physically and mentally.
They will make you feel so good about your awesome, badass, unique self.
They will kick some drive into you.
Drive you to follow your passion and get out of the safe zone in life.
And they will put a smile on your face whenever needed.

But remember, all of these qualities you want in people, you need to offer the same to others.
It’s a give-give, win-win kinda thang.

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