1. performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

    Spontaneous. My gosh that’s a nice word. Definitely one of my favourite words in the dictionary.
    Other than the words “Peanut” & “Butter” …

    Life. People get caught in the vicious circle of life.
    Going round and round the same circle.
    Sometimes you’ve got to just go to your favourite coffee shop, look at prices of random flights places you never thought you’d go to and book it.
    Maybe just wake up one morning and take a road trip to some random event that you just heard of.
    Go get a tattoo.
    Have a free day off?
    Book a cheap little cabin, get a friend (or yourself) and go for a night in the woods.
    Ah, I can smell the campfire smoke and s’mores just picturing that.
    Biggest smile on my face right now.

    I think my favourite one is booking a flight.
    Try it. It’s the best feeling.
    A euphoric feeling.
    Like the butterflies you get when you’re getting ready for a date that you know is going to go well.
    That kind of feeling.
    Love kind of feeling.
    It’s great.
    I did it for Nashville once and I never regretted a second of it.
    Keep yourself on your toes.
    Don’t get caught up in the circle.
    Go into a squiggly crazy venture in life.
    A life full of curves, turns, hard rights and just go.
    You’ll learn, see amazing sights and discover things about yourself you had no idea about.
    Book a random ticket to a concert you’ve always wanted to go to.
    Even if it’s by yourself. Still a freakin’ good time.
    Don’t have the money?
    A credit card can handle an extra 80$.
    Trust this girl. It’ll be worth it.

    There could be opportunity waiting for you out there on one of your spontaneous adventures.
    Get out of the comfort of your own town and explore.
    Explore. That’s another great word.
    Maybe you’ll discover a place you’d love to live.
    Maybe you’ll discover a new love for an activity you never thought you’d ever even try.
    Or maybe you’ll just discover a new love.
    Someone to love and to love you back.
    Just like them country songs.Jump in the truck, turn up the country station and drive out of the perfect circle of life. Drive into a squiggly, curved life full of adventure, hard rights, exploration, opportunity, love, excitement and happiness.

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