“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.”
-Thomas Merton, No man is an Island

In a new relationship, friendship, workplace, etc. people will do all they can to impress the person they are falling head over heels for, to get the job they really want or people they just wanna be friends with.
They’ll do whatever it takes to gain acceptance.
Fighting for acceptance is so unauthentic and energy draining.
Acceptance is so important consciously and subconsciously to us weird animals we call humans.
It’s rubbish but it’s true.
People will even change who they are for any sign of acceptance.
Which is sad.
Acceptance, shmentance.
You must stay true to yourself and also accept others for who they are.
Allow them to be themselves.
And they will allow you to be you.
The more you you are, the more confidence will beam through without you even trying.
The more you you are, the more you will attract people who accept you for you.
The more you you are, the more comfortable you are and not awkward doing crap you don’t even wanna do.
The more you you are, the more respect you will get.
The more you you are, the happier you will truly be.

Allow others to act the way they want.
Have no judgement.
Just be happy knowing that they are happy being them.
Allow them to wear that outfit you’d never even lay a finger on in your life,
but know that they rock it because they’re happy in it.
Allow them to go on a date with someone of the same sex.
Whatev. We all human, get over it.
Allow them to say no to hanging out with your for the day because they need the day to themselves for yoga, good eats and a nice girls night.
Then tomorrow they’ll be happy to hang out.
Allow them to go get a a surgery done if that’s truly what they want,
Don’t judge, because if it makes them happier,
That’s one more happier person in the world.
You should be stoked on that.
Allow them to be a hermit and stay at home each night to read and write rather than going out to party with you.
Once again, they’re doing what they love resulting in them being happy.
Resulting in yet another happy human.
Now this would be two happier humans in the world.
See this chain reaction….?
Ends with one damn happy world.

There is no better feeling than to have someone in your life, which you spend a lot of time with,
Where you can be one million percent your goofy, weird, honest, raw, authentic self.
No better feeling.
And if you’ve got a significant other, friend or family member that makes you feel that way.
Damn baby, you’ve hit the jackpot.
Shove that person in your life pocket and keep them close to you.

Just let people be and they will allow you to be.
Judgements can hit people hard so be cautious of your thoughts and words.
Throw any judgments you’ve got out the window and rein in acceptance and laugh about the stuff you don’t understand about people and once again, get over it.
Accept them for them and they will accept you for you and your weird things you do.

Do you baby, do you.
And allow other people to do them however they want.


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