Fashion is my guilty pleasure. It’s like an art to me. I feel the body is a canvas and the clothes are the paints. For some strange reason putting together outfits is so incredibly fun for me. I could do it forever and me getting ready to go out can take me so long but I don’t even care because I’m enoying every minute of it. It can be challenging but that’s the fun of it. Seeing the different variations of outfits you can make with what you’ve got in the closet. These are some of my fave outfits I put together while I was in Aus living out of a suit case. I wasn’t able to buy much as I was spending most of my money on experiences and living and I didn’t want to have to bring two suitcases back home to Canada. These are some of the simple outfits I put together.

Tip: rompers are awesome as it’s a top and pants all in one! Sucks when you have to go pee but worth it.

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