Choice determines our lives.
We have to make choices each and everyday.
To nourish our body or not to nourish our body.
To take action or to procrastinate.
To get the sufficient zzz’s we need or to party.

Every moment of everyday we have to make choices.
The smallest choice could make the biggest impact on our life.
You’re not happy where you are with life right now?
Then you know there is a big choice having to be made.
You’ve been living the exact same, redundant life each and every day.
You’re just getting use to it.
In other words: you’re settling.
Settling for an okay life.
Settling for being treated poorly.
Settling and getting used to what isn’t making you happy and taking away from your passions.
Getting used to it makes you okay with it.
Then you convince yourelf everything is okay and you’re happy.

You’re one choice away from living a friggin’ awesome life that you haven’t even dreamt of because your mind wouldn’t be able to wrap its brain around it.
But it’s out there.
You just have to take action.
Authenticity gives you the life you want.
A sweet ass life that is true to you.Choices can be hard.
Choices can turn out badly.
You could end up making the wrong choice.
You learn.
Which means you still have succeeded.
I’m all about risks.
If something isn’t working, take the risk to make the choice to make a change.
Be selfish.
Your choice may hurt others but in the end it will help them too.
If you’re not happy, people around you cannot be happy.
So you make a choice that makes you happy.
Others around you are happy as well.
It’s a win-win in the end.
Don’t worry.

Choose to take the course you’ve dreamt of.
Choose to spontaneously quit the job that drains every ounce of you to take a road trip through the beautiful, luscious mountains while rocking out to your favourite country music.
Choose to be on your own for a while if things aren’t right with lover boy/girl.
You’ll have the freedom to do whatever you freakin’ want.
Independence and confidence will be a result.
And that’s cool.
Real cool.
Choose to go to an event you never thought you’d go to but for some reason it has always tickled your fancy.
Choose lots and see where the wind of choices takes you.
This will make life so much better than living the normal life of work, sleep, a little bit of play, work sleep, a little bit of play.
Blah blah blah.
I want lots of play.
Go play and go try.

It’s scary.
Hell ya it can be scary.
But fulfilling at the end of it.
And so exciting.
You gain so much.
Experience. Knowledge. Friends. Discoveries. Memories. Life lessons. Love.
Be authentic to you
and do you.
Now go get em’ tiger.


  1. Thats turbo awesome. Makes me wanna bust out the door and do cartwheels down the street even if i look like a frog with its ass caught in a mousetrap.

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