Read me when you are feeling low.
Read me when someone has told you “you can’t. There is no way. It’s already been done.”
Read me when you don’t feel beautiful.
Read me when you don’t feel strong.
Read me when you feel alone.
Read me when you feel judged.
Read me when you feel belittled.
Read me when you feel lost.
Read me when you need a cheerleader jimminy cricket on your left shoulder.
Read me when you need me.

I’m here for you.
This is here for you.
Listen up.
You can and you will.
Each and everyone of us have a passion.
You don’t think you know what your “gift” is in life?
That’s rad. That is a beautiful thing because do you remember being a kid and loving scavenger hunts?
This is the scavenger hunt in life and its going to be so incredibly fun.
There are clues throughout life guiding you to your passion.
Try new shit.
Go out in the world. No excuses. Leave that damn comfort zone. Seriously.
That’s a huge step. You will feel on top of the freakin’ globe when you conquer a CZ (comfort zone) fear.
Prove those no-tellers wrong.
Prove to them that they only know what they know in their comfort zone and you can (and will) accomplish more in a year than they have in their 63 boring years of life.
Don’t play it safe.
Don’t. Effin’. Play. It. Safe.

You don’t feel beautiful?
Dig deep. Really think about you.
Whether it be appearance wise or personality wise where you don’t feel “beauitful”.
What do you have that absolutely no one else has to offer?
Forget about the “I don’t have’s” Forget about the “buts….”
do think of the the what have yous.
What chu got girl? Tell me. Tell you. And tell you again.
Nobody in the world has the positive attributes you have and more.
That’s not possible.
You have uniqueness that no one else has to shine to this world.
Think about the word “unique”
Cool, right?
It takes work. Brain power and attention to really hon in on this.
But let me tell you, when you do hon in on this badass-ness of yourself that’s wicked.
Daaaaaamnnnn baby. It feels good. Now do it it. Think hard.
No one else in the world looks like you. There is always, always, always something someone envy’s of you.
You need to remember that.
You also most importantly need to remember the things you find least attractive about yourself physically….honestly, no one hardly notices that crap. This is so incredibly true and you must believe me on it. You must.

And now even though it’s not physical, leaving that CZ, taking risks and conquering your fear makes you shine like a damn diamond which makes you naturally glow physically and it is so obvious.
Confidence sparkles like the moon surround by a billion stars over the lake in a clear, crisp sky.

We all have gems hidden within us that are just waiting for you to help them break out into a diamond.
Work them at it.
Do shit.
Seriously do shit.
Anything and everything.
As nike states, just do it.

Know that you are worthy.
Know that you have the ability to do whatever the eff you want in this world. Show us what you’ve got. I dare you. I double dog dare you.
You peel back the layers of yourself and your limited beliefs you have within you.
Just like peeling and dicing an onion. It’ll make you cry.
It’ll make you angry how much your eyes are hurting but once that onion goes in to that salad, into that cooking, into that delish meal to fill your belly you are so happy you went though that process and allowed yourself to go through the pain and discomfort from the onion fumes & feeling like wasps were attacking your eyeballs with their stingers.
You’ve come out with this rock star meal that would have not been the same without peeling and cutting those lovely onions.
Now I’m hungry.

There is so much fire in each and every one of us in this world that is just waiting to show up.
Waiting to show the world our gifts and impact the world in 7 billion different ways.
You must continue building that fire, keeping out the wind that blows it out, the “you can’ts”, the “it’s already been done before’s”, the “no, that is far too risky” bullshit people may tell you,
and ever so lightly blow in your own breath of air and knowing-ness, intent and beliefs to grow and ignite that fire.

Show the world your flames, baby and shine brighter than any diamond has shone before.
be you

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