Be you. Live for you. And learn to say no.
Tell your boyfriend no.
Tell your boss no.
Tell your wife no.
Tell your friends no.
If you truly do not want to do something when someone asks you to,
Don’t be afraid to tell them no.
You don’t want to waste your time with something you truly will not enjoy just because you don’t want to upset someone or come across as boring, selfish, rude, no fun blah blah blah to someone.

I’ve made this mistake numerous times. Being too freaking nice. Saying yes to things that take hours that I regret the moment I get there. Throughout the whole time duration I’m thinking to myself “I could be doing something way more productive and/or enjoyable than this”.

Don’t get me wrong…
Yes. In relationships. Friendships. Family-ships.
It’s nice to say yes to things that people want to invite you to that you know you won’t like but you know that they will love to have you included. Be nice and say yes. But only once in a while. Not always.
Don’t put things off that you had planned for your day just to please someone else’s life.

It’s so rad seeing someone so incredibly happy to have you there for whatever it is that they are enjoying so much while in the back of your head you’re despising it.

But their happiness overpowers your boredom and it makes it all worth it at the end of the day.
Just don’t do it too much.

Share the love. Including with yourself.
Live for your own damn self. No one else.

The people you say no to will understand and be okay with it.
And if they don’t. They’ll get over it and you’ll actually enjoy your day with something you want to do.

I have wasted many hours of my life doing something to please others. And always say yes to every little thing to make others happy. Always putting myself behind and feel like I have wasted a day.

Learn from me and learn to say hell no. But in a kind manner of course.

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