For me, being out in the woods is a wonderful thing. Having experienced Australia, I came to realize how grateful I truly am for where I grew up. Surrounded by mountains, forestry, the four seasons, incredible lakes, hiking routes, ect. All within our backyards. I had originally booked a one way ticket to Aus thinking I’d be there for at least a year. Going through Christmas with no snow and being only surrounded by rolling hills, city lights and the ocean that went on for miles and miles I missed BC so incredibly much. I was googling photos of BC and the rockies throughout the whole trip! I cried sometimes because I missed it so much, hahah. As well as missing my loved ones back home, including my ugly dog, the mountains and lakes brought me back just after 3 1/2 months!

Now that I am home all I want to do is go up the mountain, have fires, hike every inch I can, camp all summer long, take as many road trips as possible and find all the secret lakes around. I am very grateful for the handsome cowboy boyfriend I’ve had for the past while as he has shown me places in the mountains I never ever would have ever seen in my life if it wasn’t for him.

This past weekend he brought me to the sweetest country wedding in the middle of a small, small town. It made my heart so full and I was such a happy wanna-be cowgirl. The weather was beautiful, we sat on hay bails as we saw two people so in love tie the knot forever, surrounded by country music all day and night and had one or two many bubbly’s (hehe, oops). Then during the time between the wedding and the reception we went up the hill to have a drink on the tailgate and we look behind us only to find a massive brown bear to join us.

The next day he takes me up the hill for yet another drive to a place I never in my life would see if it wasn’t for him. It was early in the morning and there was nothing in the sky except the sun shining down on us. The valley was full with nothing but green beautiful trees, some elk, bunnies and dirt roads that never ended. I was so happy.
The point of this post is that it is so important to get out in a nature, as far away from cell service or any kind of service as possible and with people you love or even just yourself (with bear bangers of course). But it is the most amazing feeling with the fresh air, seeing wildlife do its thang and complete silence. Our world and lifestyles have come so far from what it used to be like and it’s important to get back to our roots. Think about when your great grams and gramps were alive compared to our lives now. So incredibly different. And actually quite toxic.

Nerd time: it’s scientifically proven that just being out in nature surrounded by trees will reduces stress, increase cognition, decrease stress, reduce depression and many other health benefits. It is the vibration that the trees give off that affect our energy.

Read more on it here to back up my words so you don’t think I’m insane.
I try to get out as much as possible whether it be just for a short hike, going way in the bush and learning from my caveman boyfriend how to survive if I ever got stranded to even just sitting outside my favourite coffee shop that is outside of the city. It is so refreshing and makes me feel so good and I encourage each and everyone of you to do it.


Here is a photo of the girls at the wedding trying to catch the bouquet and I’m in the middle waaaaaay too excited trying to catch that bouquet…..
I’ll leave it at that. Ditch the cell phone and computers and go find yourself some trees.

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