Whether you slipped in a pile of mud on your way to your first day of work, woke up with a pimple on your face the size of Jupiter or you didn’t sleep one bit resulting in you looking like a racoon… lingerie is always our saviour in our lives as women. I don’t know if it is just me but the moment I put on a nice set of lace it is like the shoe Cinderella was looking for or the perfect chestnut Mr. Squirrel was looking for to bring home to his lady to impress her. Pretty much the phrase “the bees knees” sums up lingerie. Something about only you knowing of the incredibly sexy pieces you are wearing out and about builds so much confidence without even trying. ‘Cause you know you look damn good under those clothes. There is confidence hiding in everyone. I believe treating yourself to at least one go-to set is a subtle little action that will bring that confidence out and you will shine brighter than ever<3

            I was recently in Queensland, Australia and came across two gorgeous pieces that were on a freakin’ good sale. So I couldn’t say no. I got one from David Jones (which is similar to The Bay for my Canadian fashion hicks out there;) ). This one is by the brand Distraction (quite a fitting name if you ask me). It has padding and hugs the body very well so you can wear it under fitted clothes. You can grab it online by clicking here. The other is by a local Sydney brand called Luxe Fashion. It has ribbons and I would say is more for either a date night under a looser dress or just struttin’ your stuff around the house on your own because…well…that is completely acceptable. And encouraged. They were both around 50$ and is definitely good quality so I’m quite happy. 




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