Picture this: waking up on a Sunday morning with perfect second day curls, next to the man/dog/cat you love, in a beautiful modern home with wood accents and the sun is just coming up. You quietly crawl out of bed, slip on your slippers and put on a beautiful silk robe that makes you feel like a million bucks. Go about your morning whilst making breakfast for you and your man/dog/cat with the country music playing and feeling oh so lovely in this classy (but sexy) silk robe. AH. I don’t know if it is just me but that sounds fricken good to me. SIGN ME UP.

I had to prepare for when that day comes. SO. I bought a beautiful, classy (yet sexy) silk robe they other day and I love it. Best part you ask? It was only 15 bucks. I may not hunt deer, moose or any other animals but I sure do a great job hunting for bargains. I would call this a “kill shot” (or whatever that hunting lingo is).

I also snagged some beautiful panties (5$), sports bra (10$) and a nighty (25$). Do you see those numbers? I know. I’m damn good. 






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