Skin Care Regime + Bonus Hair Care Product  

My goal is to prolong aging skin for as long as possible, so I try my best to keep up with my skin care. I will list the products below of what I use to keep my skin clear, glowing and youthful. 

Viva Organics takes up the majority of my skin care regime as of now and you can find the following products on their website here.
Viva Organics Cleanser
This face cleanser removes make up & controls sebum (oil) production. It also has essential oils and aloe vera gel which contribute immensely to nice, clear, youthful skin. I absolutely love it. Leaves you feelings so fresh.
 I would have taken a snazzy photo of it but the bottle is glass and unfortunately it dropped and shattered in my shower (sounds safe, right?).
Viva Organics Exfoliator
Now apppppparently, exfoliating is the key to youthful skin. Removing dead skin a couple times a week allows your skin to breath. Build up of dead skin (sounds gross, I know) will clog pores, create excess oil and leave skin looking dull, oily, and rough. I personally prefer gel exfoliators as the ones with the beads and such can be a little too rough on the skin. But this one works so incredibly well. You barley need any. A little definitely goes a long way. I got a sample of this product and was  hooked on this skin care line just from that one sample.
Viva Organics Vitamin C Brightening Serum
This serum is to be used prior to bed and islets paired with the product below (hyaluronic acid). Vitamin C is crucial for youthful skin. As we age the Vitamin C within our skin diminishes. So being sure to eat clean, drinks lots (……of water) and take care of your face with natural products you will be on the road to lovely, plump, youthful skin for when your a nice, hot granny.

Viva Organics Hyluronic Acid
Mom has always talks about hyluonic acid for the skin and we all know mothers are ALWAYS right.. This magic gem retains moisture in your skin for long periods of time. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is critical for lovely skin. 
Quantum Hydrox Moisturizer
OKAY. LISTEN UP. This is honestly the best thing I have ever put my paws on when it comes to skin care. I would never ever, ever, ever, ever even think twice about it if I saw it in a store because I’m a sucker for nice packaging and (obviously) this packaging is so blah. My mom got me into it. When I was younger and complained about my blemishes, mom made me use this and voila! Blemishes were gone like the next day. It’s incredible. I’ve used it non-stop since. AND it even has hyaluronic acid in it as well. I highly recommend this is you have oily skin, blemishes or just want a good moisturizer. It may sting ever so slightly as you put it on but that is okay, don’t panic. It means it’s working its crazy magic. 
The only place I know you can buy it from back home in Canada is Pharmasave but I will link their website here

The White Rabbit Moisturizer
My amazing, inspiring mother has begun her own amazing natural skin care line called “The White Rabbit”. I use this moisturizer before bed a couple nights a week to hydrate my face while I sleep.
sweet almond oil,coconut oil, cocoa butter, water, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, beeswax, lanolin, optiphen, rose absolute essential oil

Lanolin is actually the grease taken from the wool of a sheep. Haha, I know. Does not sound pretty but bare with me. The substance protects the skin from pollutants while also absorbing and retaining water within the skin (remember how I said hydration is so important for the skin. Thank you sheep wool).

Shout out to my ma! Check out her Facebook page for pretty pictures of the products and more info:
The White Rabbit

Bonus. Hair Care Product.


If your blonde you know the feeling of dry, brittle, lifeless hair but you love the colour. Love hate relationship. I know. Been there my whole life. I tried my best not to touch it with bleach for as long as possible but when I got to Aus I thought I would treat myself to a few highlights here and there. I got to the hair salon and the hair dresser demanded I take this home. She would not let me leave without it because apparently it saves dry hair like no tomorrow. I hear about it everywhere around Aus. I can’t tell you a definite answer of it works or not as I am still in the testing stage BUT I will let you know. So far it’s made my hair smoother than it was before! So that is a great  start. 

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