As I have mentioned a million times throughout this website, I have recently travelled to Australia to visit my brother who lives here and I am so incredibly grateful for this experience. As many people say “Oh, travelling will have you learn so much about yourself” and all that jazz. I have been here almost three months now and through the first while I was thinking back on that cliché comment people always told me and thought to myself “I have no idea what they are talking about. I feel I am still the same girl I was when I left Canada 70 somethin’ days ago”. 

For some odd reason, I woke up the other day and did my usual jog, workout, delish banana smoothie and went on with my day. Throughout that day and up until sitting here infront of this screen now I feel a sense of self-confidence within me. 

Note** First week I got here I asked my brother “What is one thing you personally want to improve upon yourself?”. He replied with a “well, uh, I don’t know. You?”. I said “Confidence. I want to walk into a room, I want to talk to a large group of people, I want to do small things that scare me with pure confidence.” 
(A little secret of mine is I get a little social anxiety. By saying “just a little”, I may be lying. A lot.)

I have no idea how this happened or what. And by no means do I feel I can speak in front of a large group of people (haha, heck no. One day though) but I don’t know. Something within me just feels stronger. I like it. And I feel growth. I mean I have only been here for three measly months. That’s nothing compared to other peoples travels. I can’t imagine what growth and learning curves they overcome throughout it. It might be because I am absolutely forced to do things on my own in a foreign environment. Go to events alone. Go adventure alone. Be that awkward person walking into a bumpin’ pub by herself and finding herself a seat for one. Yee. That’s me. Owning it now though (kinda, haha. getting there).
Yes. My brother is here with me sometimes but he works full time so I have to adventure a lot on my own as well. Actually, I just booked a weekend surf trip by myself. The girl who gets anxiety in social situations booked a two day trip in the middle of nowhere, in a brand new country surrounded by complete randoms (I’ll update you on how it went if I don’t die from extreme rapid heart palpitations. Or from being bitten by a shark). 

I feel I can stand up for myself now in some situations where I used to feel not worthy of what I truly wanted to say or feel.
I feel I speak my mind more.  
I feel strong. 
I have gained the confidence to do things on my own. Trips, going out for a simple dinner for one, randomly going up to someone to make friends, etc. 

I am looking forward to the challenges and scary things I have in mind to conquer as I will learn from them. Staying in the “safe zone” will teach you nothing, give you no experience or cool stories nor will it strengthen you or make you wiser.
That comfort zone is seriously a dangerous place and you must fight the pull to stay in it if you want to live an incredible life.

“At the end of my life, I would hope that
I would not have a single bit of talent left

and could whisper 
to the Universe, 
I used everything you gave me.”

 I always ask people who are older than me if they could tell their 23-year old self advice, what would it be?
•don’t care about the silly little things
•try as many things as you can
•don’t be an introvert
•meet as many people as you can
•always continue to learn
•don’t stay in a relationship you know deep down is unhealthy
•don’t try to convince yourself that relationship is good
•listen to your gut
•read. A lot.
•get up early 
•care about your health. Exercise. Eat well.
•don’t spend each weekend drinking and partying
•fail. Look to see things you could/probably will fail at. It’s called learning.
•Listen to your mother. She is always right. 
•you’ve got dreams that you see as unrealistic? Kick that dream in the ass and conquer it.
•don’t care what people think about you 
floss. Don’t neglect it. Don’t be lazy. 

Those are just a few. But read that list over and over. Let it sink into the back of your brain for the next time an incredibly scary opportunity comes up.

Please. Leave that comfort zone & always listen to your gut. 


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