Once I left the mother nest at home to head out in the big world on my own, I realized something. Something big. Something very important. Something drastic. I. Couldn’t. Cook. I think my first meal when I moved out was steamed veggies drizzled with mustard……..yum? I was getting quite sick and tired of boring, bland, disgusting meals so I broke the bank and bought a few cook books. NOW THIS…this is what changed my life. I never realized how simple a recipe is to follow and how much fun it is to be in the kitchen, blasting your favourite (country) tunes all while wearing the comfiest clothes in the world and dancing around like a hooligan ’cause you’re in such a good mood because you have a scrumptious meal coming your way any moment. Maybe that’s just me in the kitchen, idk. Now I absolutely love to cook and bake and I always love a good challenge. 

There is one rule I have when buying cook books: if it doesn’t have pictures for every single recipe that are making me drool in the store leaving a puddle of slobber behind…then that is no cook/baking book for this master chef/baker/awesome one.

These are a few of my favourite cook books that are so incredibly easy to follow and have beautiful pictures:

1.) Joyous Health

This one is wicked because at the beginning it has a lot of nutritional information that is intriguing and very simple to understand. I refer to this for my studies and to refresh the brain. My personal favourite recipe is the apple crisp. So. Fricken. Yum.

2.) The Minimalistic Baker


Are you lazy? Cool. Me too sometimes. In this cookbook the amazing thing is that no recipe has more than 10 ingredients, no recipe take more than 30 minutes annnnnnnnd its ALL VEGAN. what? Yea. I call that plant power.

3.) OH She Glows

If I had to choose my favourite cook/baking book that I own so far…It would have to be this one. The layout is incredible with amazing, drool-worthy photos and it is so easy to follow. 

4.) OH She Glows Every Day

This last favourite of mine is the same author as the latter. Her food-ography (food+photography..that’s what I call it at least. Ha.) is unbelievable. And once again, the recipes are so simple to follow and all turn out beautifully! Does’t matter how bad you may think you are at cooking and baking, your dishes are bound to turn out beautifully 🙂

I hope this gave you a kick in the pants to go buy yourself a cookbook with pictures & find that secret chef/baker that is hiding within. You and your tastebuds will thank me 😉

xx noelle 

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