Conquer yourself.
Conquer what you’re afraid of.

Conquer your dreams.
Conquer what you think isn’t even possible in your world.
Conquer the small things.
The big things.
Conquer it all.
Conquer your self-confidence. 
Walk in a room full of people feeling like the cats meow.
Conquer your mind and its beliefs. 
Make your mind work in your favour.
As hippie dippy as it may sound,
Your thoughts seriously create your life. 
Conquer the world you literally fantasize about for yourself.
Conquer being the best daughter/sister/son/friend/pet owner/girlfriend/wife/employee/person you can be.
Conquer you health goals.
Conquer your body confidence goals.
Conquer being a bad ass with a big heart.
Take the risks.
And conquer those damn things.
Conquer it all.

Take all that you conquer in life,
And Create.

Create the relationships you want.
Create the business you’ve always wanted.
And make it successful.
Because, deep down, you know you can.
Create the way you want to be perceived and live up to that.
But enjoy it.
Create yourself to be the person you want to be.
Create the life you want to live and don’t live to please others.
Only yourself.
Create happiness.
Create that rockin’ bod you want.
Or create that birthday cake you want to eat in one sitting.
Whatever floats your boat.

The possibilities are endless.
Conquer all. And Create everything.
You know you can.
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