We all have heard how good lemon is for you. So I won’t blab on too long about it BUT it is pretty darn good for you. 
This lovely yellow ball….
•alkalizes your body
•flushes toxins out
•helps keep you….regular 😉
•eases bloating
•detoxes your liver after the bottle of wine or two you may have indulged in (no judgment here)
•high in Vitamin C which helps strengthen your immunity!
•aids in weight-loss
•helps with digestive issues 
Blah, blah, blah. You get the gist of it. Drink it and your body will thank you in incredible ways.

I used to have half a lemon with water each morning when I was back in Canada but living in Aus right now, I have yet to invest in one of those handy dandy lemon squeezers that keep the seeds out of your water! Huge pet peeve of mine. So because of that and just getting out of routine I have stopped and am lazy. I also think I get way too excited for breakfast that I don’t even have the patience to squeeze 1/2 a lemon in water and drink it. Hehe. 

SO. I recently saw this awesome hack at the café I work that is for the ultimate lazy person. Me. All it is is freakin lemon ice cubes. 
Lemon. Ice. Cubes. 
How have I not thought of this. Refreshing, no seeds and easy fricken peezy. 

Cut up a bucket load of lemons and squeeze into a bowl, remove seeds with a spoon, pour in ice cube tray and freeze. Boom. Brilliant. 

NOTE*** be sure to drink lemon water through a straw. The critic acid within the lemon wear at your enamel on your teeth. Very important to drink your lemon water through a straw so it bypasses your pearly white chicklits.

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