1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

    grateful.jpgItems that make our life so much easier are taken for granted.
    People who bring joy, laughter, excitement, love, great cooking, good jokes, music and pure happiness are taken for granted.
    Our magnificent, beautiful, unfathomable body, organs and limbs that allow us to live in this world are taken for granted.
    Something as simple as our opposable thumbs. My gosh. Those things should be treated like absolute gold and appreciated everyday for what they can do and how simple it makes holding a wine glass 😉 ….or any glass for that matter.
    But seriously.
    Life is so much easier with a thumb.
    Our clothes that keep us warm and toasty and lookin’ flyyyy.
    Those are taken for granted as well.

    Today’s society compared to hundreds of years ago when corsets were worn freely and donkeys were ridden to work;
    Our 20th century is easy peezy. 
    The technology, the hunks of metal on four wheels that get us from point A-point B, the blenders that have fricken 5 horse power.
    A blender that has 5 horse power. Really? That’s insane compared to kitchen appliances back then.
    Good grief.
    Yes, materialistic things make our life easier and yes, life isn’t always sunshine and skittle pooping unicorns.
    Things happen, emotions and feelings happen.
    This can make life a bit difficult as well sometimes.

    But people make it hard for themselves because they always want something better than what/who they already have in their life.
    There is always the belief that something better is out there.
    Trust me. I get that all the time in life and, well, with shopping a lot too.
    Example: “Oh, should I buy this top? Because there may be a better one in the next shop.”
    It’s with anything in life.
    People, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets, clothes, vehicles, jobs, experiences, vacations.
    Then people don’t even end up buying anything because no, there wasn’t anything better now you’ve missed out on that wicked top. 

    Analyze your life. Realize what you’ve got.
    What makes you happy.
    Who makes you happy.
    What doesn’t.
    Who doesn’t. 
    The things that don’t…
    See ya. Change them. It’s as simple as that.
    Don’t overlook it.
    Don’t overthink it.
    Just change it.
    Change is good. Change is so good.

    When you’re thinking of the things that make you happy,
    Be sure to include the small things. 
    The toaster that turns your bread into crispy toast.
    The vacuum (imagine a life without a vacuum. Like seriously).
    The time you make out of your busy day for yourself to go to the gym or go for a run.
    The mountainous area that surrounds us.
    The grandmother that calls you at the worst times just to say hi. 
    She cares so much for you. Appreciate those moments.

    Be grateful in life and don’t take life, people, spiders that eat weird insects, experiences, music, the barista you see everyday, your hair dresser that does a bomb job, the vacuum, toilet paper, your family, friends and loved ones for granted.
    Most of all, be overly grateful for yourself in this crazy world.
    Give yourself and break.
    You’re beautiful/handsome (don’t you dare think otherwise), appreciated by many (truly, you are & you don’t even know it), you’re smile can light up a room, you have uniqueness to you that no one else can offer the world.
    Be you, stay true and be so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be you in this world.

    Don’t take shit from anyone
    And don’t take life for granted.

    grateful2.jpg                                                                            CONQUER & CREATE your life

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