australia-with-alexI have recently quit my job in Canada, sold my car and gave up my apartment and booked a one way ticket to Sydney, Australia. What does that make me? Homeless, Jobless and Carless. I have now arrived here in Sydney to live with my incredibly inspiring brother. Such a foreign little blonde girl walking around in circles in the area I am in. I have been stressing and stressing to find a job. It’s incredibly hard when I don’t have a vehicle either. I walk around the house trying to brain storm what I want to do. Do I want to go back to waitressing? Do I want to start something of my own? Do I want to get a random job as a horse cleaner down the road? I just don’t know. My brain pulls me in so many directions. Fitness. Fashion. People. Food. My heart starts palpating very quickly and I get very anxious. I feel like I’m a useless bag of bones just sitting here on my computer while everyone is at work doing their thing in this beautiful city…. Then… then I take a deep breath and remind myself… “NOELLE, you’re in fricken Sydney, Australia. You have been a servant bowing down to customers for every need of theirs for the past three years. STOP. Enjoy this down time. Explore. Learn about yourself. Love yourself. And just go with the flow.”
5e4089a38c84545d0402d54d96148ae0What I am trying to say is that it is totally okay to take a break from the life you live day to day to enjoy a new atmosphere, a new chapter in your life, a new learning experience. Even if you, yourself, are at home where you have lived for the past million years of your life… stop. Be crazy. Take a risk you’d never take before but you’ve always wanted to. Go for a cool road trip by yourself. Meet incredible people. Put yourself out there. Or maybe even quit your job you know you’re not happy with and brainstorm on the things you love and see what empire you can build from that.
simple-lifeSet small goals each and everyday. Breathe. And allow life to show you how incredible it truly is… if you let it. Stressing about such small things is not worth it and giiiiirl (or dude), you’re just asking for pre-mature wrinkles.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still ancy to get a job so I feel “useful” but this is something I am practicing myself. The whole reason for this trip was to explore the world, reward myself for working all the time back home and to gain self knowledge. Who am I? What do I really like? What are my main interests? What people inspire me?
noelle-sydney-bridgeThere are so many incredible opportunities out there that are waiting for you. I have watched a myriad of entrepreneur interviews and their main piece of advice is … deeply and truly believe in yourself and set mini goals otherwise you’ll get way overwhelmed by the big kahoona goal you’re trying to demolish. 

Trust me. You are not the only one feeling lost in this incredibly large, magnificent world. XX

p.s. to all you aussies… I almost pee my pants every time I’m in a car on the wrong side of the road with eighty-two thousand street lights infront of me, your slang is like Arabian to me (but I’m learning!) and your beaches are literally unbelievable.


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