I finally have arrived at the time of my spontaneous Nashville adventure and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The most exciting thought of this trip is “the unknown”. I have no idea what this week will bring, I have no idea what tomorrows adventures will be and quite frankly I have no idea what the next couple hours hold in store for me. That is such an exhilarating, exciting feeling. Going to places I have never seen, meeting people I have never met. I have already met incredibly kind people on the plane ride here and one of them was like Gilligan from Gilligans Island. A lot of laughs we had to say the least.
IMG_1041Many people (definitely including myself) live their day to day lives doing the same routine over and over. Now don’t get me wrong, routine is great, especially when you want to achieve great things. But also breaking out of that comfort zone and trying new things is an excellent way to learn in life, learn about yourself and make unforgettable memories. My day to day life was gym, school, work, gym, school, work-like I have mentioned before. I finally had enough of it and wanted to try something brand spankin’ new. And here I sit, on a bright red couch in a chic little apartment listening to country music in Tennessee.
IMG_1048The unknown may be scary but only if you perceive it to be so. The unknown can be so thrilling, life-changing and just freaking exciting. Each day is a new day to try something. Living day to day with that same routine, yes, you may be happy BUT you could be experiencing things that would be life changing. Try something exciting. Try something new. Knowledge is never ending and I hear travelling is the best kind of schooling you could ever do. Learn from new cultures, learn from new people, learn their stories, learn new activities that you have never even heard of before. Just get out there and try something new and you never know…it could bring you to a passion of yours that you never even thought of before.
IMG_1053I am usually so frugal with my money and well let’s just say…my mom calls me “cheapskate” sometimes, hahaha. But for this trip I plan on just enjoying myself and not worrying about much. It’s only a week I have. I’m not going to stress about school, work, money, people or anything. I am going to live it to the fullest. I think that is something very important for people to do. Take a couple days to yourself and enjoy. Forget about the stressors in life and live like your on cloud 9.

eee…wish me luck. I have no idea what this week has in store for me but I am so excited!
By the way, I have a picture of Nashville on my vision board…mhmmmm.. Looks like it’s working my favour so far!


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