IMG_7780Since I’ll be leaving for my venture to Nashville soon, I’ve been gathering a couple things in order to prepare for my little trip…. Ha. Well, let’s get real. That’s just an excuse to shop 😛 But I did get a pair of lulus that are incredibly comfy because they are baggy but still very flattering. I picked up a purse that is very structured with many compartments inside to allow for achieving my “get organized” goal. Snagged a book about self-love and succeeding with goals that one has set. And last but not least, I found a glorious pair of sneaks. I like to be different and get things that not many other people have so I didn’t opt out for a classic pair of Nikes (although, I’m sure those will come one day too.) But I did find this pair of light grey and white ones that look so classy/sporty chic. I can wear them to the gym or pair them with a cute pair of skinnys while out for dinner. I’ve tried the whole heel and wedge thing but quite frankly, I feel most confident in a nice pair of sneakers. Hopefully I can keep these clean unlike those dang converse…

BagBCBG • (but obviously found this at Marshall’s 😛 (we all know about my bargain hunting skills)
ShoesE-spirit • The Shoe Company (1/2 price!)
BookChapters • Radical Self-Love • Written by a woman who struggled with depression and an eating disorder when she was in her early 20’s. She write about how she came out of it by showing a little self-love to herself and how she achieved her goals in life. I love goal setting and stories on successfully accomplished goals. SO incredibly motivating.
PantsLuluLemon • click here to purchase or look at (highly recommend) Such a nice change from the extremely skin tight pants while still flattering to any body shape.

IMG_7633 (1)

IMG_7770 (1)
IMG_7773This is a book that is on my wishlist. The way society is these days with so much social media it really can take a toll on how we perceive ourselves. It may sound “mushy” or whatever but truly, self-love can go a long way. If you are not loving yourself there is no way you can show anyone else true love. This book helps show you numerous ways to show your body and yourself love. Whether it be through nutrition, goal setting, exercise, ect. Anything to treat your body with the utmost respect. Once you treat your body to the best ability you can, what it will return to you will change your life. Literally. This book will elaborate in a much better way than I ever will but it definitely is on my wish list and I hope something like this is for you as well, xx We all deserve some selfish self love more than once in a while 🙂


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