Journaling. I have never had a journal up until just a couple months ago. If you’re like me you tend to worry a lot, have a lot on your mind and have a hard time telling people what you want to say or just bottle things up. Writing in my journal has seriously become therapeutic to me. I try to do it every singe night prior to bed. I throw on a good slow country tune, turn off my lights and turn on my nerdy  reading light that I love and use so much. Some nights I feel like I’m only going to write a couple lines just to do it but by the end of it I have written two pages full of me just rambling. I feel so great after and have a fantastic sleep. I think the secret to it is just to remind yourself NO ONE else but yourself is going to see that book. So, seriously, write down every single thing that comes to mind. Have it be about your day, something you’re excited about, something you’re worried about, anything! It will feel great to get it off your shoulders without even having to talk to anyone. It will also help with achieving your goals. While you’re writing about them I bet you any money you will get pumped up, excited and motivated to do whatever it takes to grasp them!
journalI usually will write about my life goals (speaking in present tense as if they have happened (to attract that energy 😉 ) or I will write about something that I am needing guidance with or just my day in general. I write so many things! Whatever is on this little brain. Throughout the time of writing, I truly do get “answers”/ a sense of directions of what to do from myself. One thing I make sure I write would be at least three things I am grateful for in that day. This is a must. We focus so much on the negatives in life these days as they seem much more prominent, which creates worry, stress and anxiety and then we shove the amazing things to the back burner. We must focus more on the things we are grateful for and realize how amazing life really is treating us. Even if you had, what you may think to be, the worst possible day… be thankful for the flower you saw, or the meal you had, or the blanket that is covering you. ANYTHING.

I did a wee bit of research and found some health benefits that journaling provides such as:

•reduces stress
•increases focus on your goals and dreams
•helps you let go of your past
•boosts memory
•personal growth
•improves writing skills
•helps solve problems you may be having
gratitudePlease try this. It is so great for you. I actually look forward to getting into bed and writing in my journal!



  1. Started journaling again this year and it has been so therapeutic! I like to leave my journal and a pen right next to my bed so I can reflect on the day. I find that it also helps me sleep better as I can put all the many thoughts running through my head down on paper and clear my mind before bed.

    1. Oh that makes me so happy! Good to hear. I know. It is such an incredible thing that people just never think to actually do. xx good for you though 🙂

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