Reading. Ever since I was a wee little girl my mom always encouraged me to read. “Mooooom, I’m bored.” she would reply with a big “well…go read a book!”. I had convinced myself reading was so boring and I did not want to stare at a bunch of words on a piece of paper. Then as time went on…I discovered Chapters. I started paroozing the nutrition and fitness section, then the fashion section and right behind the nutrition section is “Self-Help”. I never ever thought to even enter that isle because what the heck did I need help with. Oh me, oh my…was I ever wrong. Well, not saying I have a lot to fix about myself, haha. Just that that is the absolute most interesting section ever. You learn SO much. Those books will help you realize how powerful the mind truly is, how to reach your goals, loving yourself for who you are, law of attraction…ahh the list is endless. I highly encourage anyone who “doesn’t like to read” to just look at a couple books in that isle. I went from the girl who never touched a book to the girl on the treadmill reading her book so intensely. 
bookI am happy that I have finally gotten into reading. Now, I’m not a certified book worm quite yet but I do try to read as often as possible. It’s like golf and shooting guns; takes your mind off absolutely everything and puts you into a whole new world. There are so many benefits of reading, such as: preserves cognitive function as we age, reduces stress & depression, expands your vocabulary,  increases memory, improves your writing skills and best of all you learn and expand that knowledge-loving brain you have.

Some 22 year olds go out for wine and dancing and then there are others, like myself, who nuzzle up in Chapters to read books upon books, hehe. I do love a good dance here and there though, not going to lie. So, today was a day Chapters and I had a date. These are some of the books that I had come across that are on my book wish list for sure.
IMG_75661.)Breaking Vegan This one attracted me because I will admit…trying to eat healthy all the time does take over my life sometimes and puts me in a weird place where I am anal about what I ingest. In this book she is courageous enough to tell her story about how she broke those bad habits of being so cautious with what she ate and allowed herself to be able to live a care-free, but still incredibly healthy, lifestyle with enjoying the mouth-watering foods that this wonderful world has to offer. She supplies recipes with superb photos as well. I admire her so much. I love me a good book with eye-catching photos too!
2.) Do Cool Sh*t This book offers ways to create a business starting off with not much money and not having many connections. Teaching you all this but implying you must enjoy life and not let your entrepreneurial side of you take over.
IMG_75703.) Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! This one caught my eye because I have an idea in my little creative brain that I really want to pursue. It is just such a huge goal that it gets confusing how to actually achieve it. So, I am trying to find books to help me through the process and learn a little more about the business world and how to create what I have in mind. This author, Lori Greiner, has a T.V. show where she helps many people bring their inventions to life. In this book she describes the steps to pursue your idea.
IMG_7571 4.) BIO-YOUNG The title says it all for you. This book will give you all the secrets you need to know to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy for a long, long, long time. It informs you of natural remedies and what to eat to improve ones skin condition. I couldn’t put it down! So interesting!
IMG_7573 5.) The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook All of the recipes in this book are raw-vegan! You get all the nutrients in the best form possible without heat (heat destroys some of the most crucial nutrients in our food). She also has a beautiful website with many of her recipes and photos that I will link for you right here 🙂.
6.) Donne Karan This woman is the founder of the fashion line DKNY. It is a biography on her life story and how she got where she is today, the journey to spiritual/self discovery and how she improved herself in the best possible way. These books are so inspiring. Similar to “Girl Boss” in a way. You learn how one motivated, hardworking young person follows their dream no matter what obstructions the may reach and gets them to where they are today. So inspiring.

Those were just some of the books I had come across that intrigued me. If you are like how I used to be and do not like reading…I highly encourage you to check out the self-help section or whatever fiction story may interest you the slightest bit (I’m personally a non-fiction kinda girl. But thats just this time being!). It’s a marvellous world to delve into. You will learn so much, be happier and expand that brain of yours!

P.S. always know that your mother is right about everything, even when she tells you you’ll enjoy reading one day……or that skinny jeans will be back in fashion…she was so right. Once again.

reading is cool. xx

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