Usually I begin my early mornings with a refreshing smoothie bowl but on cold mornings it’s hard to enjoy a cold smoothie bowl while your jaw is chattering and goose bumps have coved your skin completely while huddled beside a heater. SO.. I was looking through my cupboards figuring out what to have and came up with this warm bowl. Some people are very sensitive to grains but miss having a nice, comforting bowl of warm oatmeal. If you are one of them…this is perfect for you! It is very simple, protein packed and requires hardly any ingredients! You can create different flavours by adding whatever you wish. 
DSC00285•healthy•vegan•grain free•simple•nutrient dense•filling•yum•
•1 ripe banana
•3 tbsp chia seeds
•1/3 cup almond milk

1.) soak chia seeds in almond milk over night
2.) the next morning, combine banana & chia seed mixture in a blender or food processor (may need to add a splash more of almond milk to help it blend and also depending on the consistency you wish).
3.) heat in a pot over stove until warmed up to desired heat (this can definitely be eaten cold as well)

You can mix in….
-cacao/cacao nibs
-stevia/maple syrup or any sweetener
-different types of fruit
-nut butter (oooooooooooo that would be so good)
The possibilities are endless. Get creative!
hope you like, xx


  1. This looks really yummy! There is a possibility that I may have to switch to a grain-free diet at some point, it is good to know this is always here, if that time comes. Thanks for sharing!

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