DSC00272Kale & Nachos….two words you probably would have never thought would be in the same sentence…but I think I may have managed to prove you wrong. You can’t deny it…these pictures look pretty darn good. I have no clue how I have never thought of this before. These babies don’t even require oil. Just seasonings, vegan cheese and kale is all you need and they still get crispy! This is actually so yum. Either for a snack or a dinner. Only take a short amount of time as well.

They are very versatile so you can season them how ever you wish but I will write down what spices and toppings I used. Enjoy! xx Let me know what you like to put on your kale chips.
DSC00276•vegan•healthy•clean eating•simple•yum•
•1 bunch of organic kale, washed well and left a little damp
•chili powder
•garlic salt
•nutritional yeast (obviously)
•vegan cheese (Daiya is my favourite brand)

*note:I also crushed some garlic over it just for added zest and more nutritional benefits. Optional.

1.) preheat oven to 270˚
2.) rip up kale in the size of chips you wish to have (they will shrink but not a significant amount). Be sure they are still a little wet from when you washed them so the spices stick better and they don’t burn.
3.) sprinkle on desired amount of the seasonings to make your personal tastebuds happy
4.) top with vegan cheese
5.)bake for about 11-14 minutes (until your kale looks and feels crisp)

Voi-la!  Kale Nachos…knew I could prove you wrong;)

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