Growth. Learning about yourself. Living your life. Every day instances that are presented to you is the continuation of creating the mould of the life you are destined to live. Sometimes your heart just tells you to do something that you don’t feel is right but something deep down will not stop nagging you to do so. There is a good reason for this. Your intuition only knows you best. Sometimes you need to be selfish and think more about yourself than others to create a life you are meant to live.
quote         There are so many amazing, sad, scary, incredible, life-changing events that the universe throws at us each and everyday. This is what makes life exciting. The sad, scary moments only make us stronger and courageous while the amazing, incredible, life-changing events put a beautiful smile on our face. Everyone you speak to in a day is meant to be there for a reason. Whether it be one of your coworkers or a complete random in a line up at a store strikes a conversation with you. This is all part of moulding your life. Hearing something deep down encouraging you to either go somewhere, make a drastic decision, or something as simple as taking the long way home from work one day randomly. Don’t ignore these signs. This is the universe speaking to you. There is a reason for absolutely everything.

You welcome people into your life and sometimes you have to say goodbye. If the person you had to say goodbye to is meant to be in your life, I truly believe you two will definitely find your way back to one another. Appreciate and be grateful for the times you had with one another and hope only for the best. If time goes by and they miraculously show up way down the road one day…that is yet another sign from the universe. It doesn’t have to be a permanent goodbye that is said. It could just be a goodbye disguised as see you later 🙂

The universe is so powerful. I trust it with my whole heart. It knows what is best for us and as redundant as the saying is….everything really does happen for a reason.

Life is so short. You need to figure out who you are in life and what you want to do with this one precious life you have. What do you like to do? What are your interests? What are you good at? What are you not good at? How can you better yourself? Be brave. Go out of your comfort zone. Try new things. This will help immensely to learn about yourself. Be sure to take time for yourself each and every day. Seriously. At the end of the day all you have is yourself so you might as well become your own best friend and treat yourself well, very well. I find myself laughing with myself a lot. Haha. I love it.
quote2        Love. Throw love around like confetti, they say. Truly, do it. If you love someone, show them. Make sure that they know. Because if you know what love feels like, you will make someone feel very good. My gosh…no materialistic item can ever beat that feeling. Eeeee, gives me butterflies just thinking about it 🙂

Just remember. There is always something or someone out there looking out for you. The universe has got your back. No matter how bad something may be…there is a reason for it. And you will discover in the future why and have an ah-ha moment. And when something good happens, cherish and enjoy that moment as much as you can. Be Brave.

— Mushy girl over here today.  xx


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